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New Volks Photo Book

May 5, 2006

    1. I was checking on the Volks website and noticed that pre-booking for a stunning new photobook starts today.

      Volks has started to accept reservations for what I believe is going to be a limited edition book/books. There will be a B4 sized 120 full color page book, full color, with the Tokyo Boys story photographs, oath of silver coin, maiden's promise, and more. There will also be a B4 sized 255 page monocrome book with the novels of the Tokyo Boys story, Super Dollfie concept notes and more.

      The books appear to come with bonus items including a region free DVD with a faceup lesson and three limited model purchase coupons, one for "Super Dollfie 13 Boy Shiro Tachibana" After school version purchase coupon, one for "Super Dollfie Girl Liz" Spring stroll version purchase coupon, and one for a school outfit for Yukinojo, "Joe's Dream Uniform" for Super Dollfie 16 Outfit purchase coupon.

      The price for the set is about 12,000 yen and there is a listed shipping date of June 2, 2006.

      You can find details (including sale details), plus the link for pre-booking the book, at this URL:

    2. The only thing stopping me is the worry of paying $40 to have it shipped from Japan. :sigh

      Any idea if they will be offering it via VolksUSA.com ?
    3. The website says it goes on sale to "the world" on June 2nd, but it doesn't specify whether or not it will be available at the L.A. store. I'm sorry. :( If you email them, they might know. I ordered it directly from Japan.
    4. So I have to order the book to order Liz? I'm trying to avoid buying the book. If anyone is ordering the book and not ordering Liz, I'd like to buy the lottery for Liz, could you contact me (ai.chaku @ yahoo.com) and see if we could arrange something?
    5. Shorwei e-mail me at kat@kbial.com I just pre-ordered the book and I'm not going for Liz so here is your chance~:aheartbea

    6. So, are the purchase coupons for Shiro's and Liz's outfit only or for the dolls themselves? I saw another thread where I thought it was said that the coupon is for outfits only? Please correct me if I am wrong.
    7. Nope, Shiro and Liz coupons are for the dolls. ^^
    8. Oh, I see. Not sure how that works though. After you ordered the book, you have to mail in your purchase coupon by mail? Is that it? Or would they e-mail the purchase coupon electronically? Seems like the chances would be VERY slim though of actually winning one. :(
    9. Yea, chances are probably slim since it's a small world wide lotto not like the recent dolpa ones where they at least have some set aside for usa folks.
    10. If this bit of news hasn't been already posted elsewhere, you can preorder the book through volksusa.com, just check the blog listing. A relief, as I couldn't figure out how to buy the book at the dolpa yesterday - Alex
    11. cool :D i might then get it directly from japan... lol use my friend's addy D:
    12. I've got a question, if i buy a book, do i only get the chance to enter for one doll ie shirou or liz
      both dolls, shirou AND liz?
    13. Did you guys see Cassiel's post about this in the DP15 thread? (this was before we found out they'd be selling them to the int'l market. Originally, the book seemed to be marketed as a very 'exclusive' thing, but I guess it's not so much in reality! ^_^)

      I managed to put in my order at Dolpa... I hope I did anyway - I was largely guessing on the form, but I hope it gets to me ok! XD

      This was Cassiel's post - she kindly translated the ad for Mo Hitori no Watashi from the DP15 guide.
    14. On the Volks USA site, it says that shipping for the book will be around the end of July! I wonder if the lottery isn't open to people who get it that late, or if the lottery just lasts a long time. :?
    15. here is more close up of shiro
      hmm maybe not. anyway he's very cute.
    16. OK so I'm a little slow. You have to be a Volks Registered Owner to pre-order the book?
    17. is it all in japanese, or is it bilingual?
    18. My understanding is that both books are in Japanese. However, one of the two books is a picture book, which really doesn't necessitate a lot of reading.

      You don't have to be a Volks registered owner to preorder the books but you will have to sign up on the Volks site, which is what you would have to do in order to purchase anything from them.
    19. On the Volks Japan/English site it lists the language (of the books) as English/Japanese. On the Volks USA it only lists Japanese for language. I just e-mailed Volks USA to find out if the books will be in English/Japanese or if there are two different printings. For the price, I would like to be able to read some of the text even if the text is mimimal. Will post when I hear anything back. - Barb in MA