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New Volks SD13 Spirit - Sakaki

Feb 22, 2005

    1. Dear all,

      Some Volks update and i think it good to share :)
      (please excuse me if the news had been publish here :P)

      Volks will held a Tenshi no Sato 1st Anniversary fair at Sato on 19 and 20th March.

      Entrance will be by invitation only, and all the invitation card had been sent out...

      During the fair, multiple event will be held, but the most exciting one should be :P

      Sales of a New limited SD13 doll,

      SD13 Spirit (??) Sakaki

      as well as YuTenshi Yuki

      Please see attach for the SD13 Sakaki


      more info will be publish in March at Domu-Net

      Some links:

      p.s. since Domu-Channel will not be available, thus for the time being, I will try to report here instead :)
    2. Wooooowwww.... *_*

      Will Sakaki be Limited Edition? Also, is Sakaki male or female or angel androgenous body? I would love to see more pictures~

      Thanks so much for posting!! I'm so interested, as I'm sure everyone else is!!

    3. Thank you for the update and news ~~~~
      he/she looks similar to Shirou head ....
      looking forward to more news ~~~~~
    4. Oh...! I'm in love with Sakaki!!!! :o I'm wondering the same about Sakaki-- will it be an asexual body? I have been making plans on who/what I want my next doll to be and have come up with ideas and was hoping a SD13 asexual body would come out, at least. The facemold fits the character as well! :D Oh, I hope more information is released soon!
    5. Ohhh!
      Reminds me of Tsubaki all grown up.
      :D :D
    6. Oops, i am sorry for the missing details,

      Sakaki will be in Asexual body pure skin

      Eye: 16 HG Glass eye, color: smoke with black line
      Body: SD13 boy (well... almost)
      Leg: L-01 normal leg

      Sakaki also will come with a pair of angel wings too.

      And finally, yes, Sakaki will be limited. As of now, it is only available for sale in 2 events,

      1. during Sato 1st anniversary event at Tenshi no Sato on 19th and 20th March, which Sato already block out that day for private party (by invitation only).

      2. Please see below.

      Some add on info:

      On night of 20th March at Tenshi no Sato. There will also be an event called "Festival at Dolpa Kyoto 3 Previous night".

      Again, only available for pple with invitation cards. (100pax)
      SD13 Sakaki and YuTenshi "Yuki" will also available for sale during the event.
      One interesting event will be a "Bingo" party
      Some of the prizes will be

      - SeiTenshi (not for sale model) - it look like YuTenshi but with 1 piece torso, Petite Ai size)
      - Ticket for doing FCS in limited head (Michael, Lucas, Nono SweetDream, Hewitt, and Madoka). But you will have to pay for the FCS though :P

      Well, thats about all now :) i think Volks will also update that site for more info at their Website soon, so you guys might want to pop by once in a while :)

      I feel like I work for Volks as a reporter now :P

      We will see if we are able to get hold of some of the dolls :oops: along with our Dolpa Kyoto 3 dolls, stay tuned ~

    7. Dear Jacky/Candy, thank you for sharing the news!

      Wow! *dreams of an FCS Hewitt girl* Looks like even people in Japan, much less people in the rest of the world, will have a hard time getting ahold of one of those FCS tickets, but it's nice to dream! ^_^
    8. Hie is so pretty and sweet... *sighs* *wants* :\
    9. Oh a sunlight Lucas... that's my Dream SD! :D (The thought alone makes me happy.)

      Thank you so much for sharing the news and picture!
    10. Yuki? So, will Yuki be limited then, or will she be available again later? If not, are there any news on when the YuTenshi will be released as standards?
    11. I WAAANNA! So pretty! Really! pretty!
    12. Sunlight Madoka...

      DAMN YOU FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! And damn me for not being born as a hotel-chain heiress, so I could become a homeowner and a Sunlight Madoka owner in the same year. Oh, and probably a vacationer-to-Japan, too, right smack in the middle of a big project at work that's going to ensure that I have absolutely no fun in the next two months. :barf

      P.S. - Any time that one can make use of the barfing cat icon, one must take pains to do so.
    13. Awww, he's so sweet. I think of it more as male because it has the nearly male body, but he's got the kindest smile. But he will be impossible to get. :(
    14. really weird to have such an angelics creature share name with my little devlish Ttory, Sakaki X, don't you think

      But he is quite gorgeous.. and with that wig.. he reminds me of one of the Lucas editions... he might as well be Lucas' little brother
    15. Oh! Thank you so much for letting us know. This is really exciting news... I really like the look of this guy. I do hope they release this boy at other places, even if he still remains limited, so that we're able to have a chance at getting him... sounds like it will be almost impossible to get otherwise! (I hope Domuya can get a couple though!!)
    16. Thanks for the information!

      The limited FCS would be an awesome thing. *dreams of Tsukasa*
    17. OMG


    18. The first thought that came into my head was That SUCKS! yeh because I love that new head mold wish I could get it. No way too?

      Also want the FCS sunlight Madoka!! just a ordering prize to a winner attending? how taunting..

    19. s..so... you don't want to tell that sakaki is just available on those two events, do you?
      Or will he/she be limited like Tsubaki...?

      must.. have.. *_*
    20. Wow a FCS limited.. I probably already know the answer to this one, but is that all the limited heads they're offering? *dreams of FCS Aya* :cry: