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New Volks sd16 girl Fashion doll quarterly exclusive

Jun 25, 2006

    1. In the article the wording at this part has me a little confused; "Volks is planning to have another tea party at the Volks mansion in August. There will be lots of one-offs and a special exhibition of the new Super Dollfie FCS heads." Does that mean the "new" heads that were introduced last year, or will they have another set of new ones? I hope they aren't thinking of discontinuing any..!
    2. Is it just me, or are her ankles not jointed!?! Interesting.

      I love the shape of her body, from what we can see. Her face - it looks like they just resculpted Yukinojo slightly, in my opinion. **shrug** Not bad, but not stunningly new, either.

      So...people can order her BEFORE the NY Tea Party? **looking over the 'order form' PDF** Anyone think she'll actually last that long? Or think she'll sell out?
    3. I'm hoping there's some way around that unjointed-ankle thing, as I like my articulation. XD

      And I do believe they were going to let people order her outside of the tea party, and were going to have more info on that in the July issue of FDQ? I think? *_*; Hopefully they'll have some for sale seperately at the tea though!
    4. I am confused about this new SD-16.

      what do they mean by FDQ exclusive?
    5. I know for a fact that invited attendees will get first shot at getting her. Then attending guests. A few (I understand) are being held for ordering for FDQ subscribers...no word on the number but I can't imagine with such a small edition it will be many. They will probably have to do a lottery for the few available for ordering to be fair (they've used lottery before with their Fashion Royalty giftset).

      She can't sell out before the event...

    6. She is an exclusive event doll...she's for the FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) & Volks NYC Tea Party Dollpa in July. Invitations were already sent out based on certain criteria (being an FDQ subscriber and a Volks USA customer). I was told (but could be wrong as things can change or be wrong) that she will be LE100.

    7. I'm confused about why the website order form says you should order her now before she sells out at the party? That sounds like she's being offered to anyone before the party happens.

    8. How strange maybe its a preorder? meaning put your order in now so we can hold aside some dolls for you before the party?
    9. Am already posted some info on this. Yes, people attending the party get first pick. Here is her post about it:

      So I guess you must have your order in before the tea party if you want her.
    10. Does anybody know what the CW2 ______ field is for on the order form for Olivia? Is it possibly a security number on the credit card?
      Thanks for any info.

      I think she looks wonderful, I only hope I can manage to get her what with all the university expenses and all.
    11. Yes, CVV2 is the 3 digit verification code on the back of your credit card.
    12. I was concerned about coming across the country and then not being able to order the SD16 female. I wrote to FDQ. I have been told that those at the tea party will get first dibs. If there are any dolls left after the tea party, those dolls will be raffled.
    13. Same here - site is down. (Did DoA members overload it? :p ) Has anyone downloaded the pictures and can upload them to photobucket or something? - Because there is now all this discussion about the doll, yet a number of us have no clue about what she looks like. :(
    14. If you look in the discussion thread, someone posted a link to a picture. That one works. Found it!!
      Janne said:

      Hope this helps!!
    15. To save time and confusion, I will continue to post any info on this doll and the Tea Party in the Tea Party thread in the New section.
      FDQ Magazine