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new volks tenshi no sato Yuki? (you tenshi)

Nov 19, 2004

    1. O_O Woah, I'm interested in seeing what comes of this. The date says Nov. 2004, so perhaps they're going to have her at the next Dolpa?
    2. dana (alicia_tylon) has told me that 10 of little yuki will be auctioned off at an upcoming tenshi no sato event. It seems as if they are indeed sort of a volks petit ai, their "infant angel" if you will. I can't really understand why they are releasing a new sort of doll in this manner, but then again volks does many things i don't understand @_@
    3. You're welcome.
    4. um, are you pissed off because I didn't say "thankyou Valentine, who rocks" ?

      I got the url from alica_tylon's journal. if you posted it somewhere else, I wasn't aware. Sorry if this somehow offended you.

    5. Actually, her journal says specifically: "Valentine found this."

      I just want my Scoop Queen credit is all. =^^=
    6. well, I didnt read the whole thing, I simply clicked on the link since twotone posted it in hers. Again, I honestly wasn't aware that you originally found it, and I wasn't intending to "scoop" you or deny you your SCOOP credit good grief . Besides, who cares who found it? it's not like YJ is a big secret. :barf :barf

      it's a link to a doll auction for crying out loud. if I supposedly "found" something on YJ first and then someone else posted it, regardless of when or how they found it, I wouldn't go around saying "YOURE WELCOME".
    7. :barf :barf :barf :barf :barf :barf
      (Lookee, I can do that too.)
    8. go you, great retort.
    9. now now, lets just all get along =), ok guys?. it was in my subject line though, but then again sometimes i miss those as well.
      etherway back to the doll. roux basicaly summarized about all we know about the doll. I'm guessing more will come out as the event approaches. if i find out much more i'll let you guys know. apprently there are also going to be lotteries for cakes o.o?.

      however they want over 500 for this little one, even the petit ai aren't that pricey, and she looks like shes *smaller*. My personal guess is that the production run is so small it drove the price up.
    10. Great going yourself, admin.

      Ban me if you want, it's not like I care.
    11. you came in her trying to pick a fight, I didnt let you get away with making me look like I was intentionally trying to take your credit. (credit for a doll auction finding. wow. go you.)

      despite our differences I certainly am not going to ban you. However if you want to leave of your own free will I won't mourn it. And just because I'm admin doesnt mean I have to take shit.

      have a nice evening.
    12. Hmmm...it looks sort of cute (from what we can see of it). Though these babyish dolls aren't really my style. Still, I look forward to seeing good pictures of them.
    13. Wow...ummm...very cute.

      Val...Aimee...calm down, guys. It's not a big deal, Val. Just a doll auction. I saw it a while ago, and didn't bother posting cause the little dolls don't interest me much. No big deal. A LOT of people have seen it.
    14. She is really cute :chibi She really reminds me of Kaede

      but like Zalem, Im not into little dolls ,its just such a chore having to look for SD13 outfits, let alone Petite ones, I have been spoilt with a really beautiful large doll :D
    15. it seems volks is trying to.. respond to alot of their competetors. Kaede to compete with Unoa now this new one to compete with petit ai?

      I just say.. let everyone have their uniqueness and specialty. I still like petit ai's better XD ::hopes to get a Uriel... maybe :P::
    16. From those pictures I think she's the cutest thing ever ^^ Volks' roundness and such really fits a tiny angel. Such pretty eyes.
    17. Eh, why? These other companies copied Volks idea for the resin BJD to begin with...hell, I'd say Volks has every right to respond. Besides, they always bring their own special touch to whatever they are doing. :) Oh and I'm not talking about copying doll molds, that's wrong no matter what way you cut it. But Volks would never do that anyway.
    18. Er, where did the number 10 come from?

      I've been looking at various Y!J auctions for the invitation to the November 20th to 23rd Tenshi no Sato event ("Dollfie Mother Descends to Tenshi no Sato"), and everything seems to suggest that it'll be a pre-order, where they'll make however many dolls are pre-ordered.

      There are a lot of auctions where people are either offering to pick up the dolls, or selling their pre-order coupons for Youtenshi Yuki.

      One of them notes: "The price is 39900 yen. According to the pre-order card, the doll will be delivered at the end of February".

      It's a BIT of a relief, since 39900 yen is a lot less scary a price than 45000 or more (what the auctions have been going for).
    19. I'm not suggesting volks would. But despite the fact other companies "copied" volks for resin BJDs (even though BJDs in bisque were around for hundreds of years..), MOST of the doll companies developed their own unique kind of doll, or specialy, that no one else had to distance themselves from volks. Akari had his unoa, Customhouse had the petit-ai (which no one else had at the time), Obitsu had their vinyl 60" doll as a cheaper alternative to the more exensive full size BJDs.

      Volks is already, in my opinion and that of others, "spreading themselves thin". Sure, they cut down their line, but they already have everything which makes volks.. VOLKS and the leading doll brand. 1) They were first 2) FCS 3) Great customer service. There is no need to be branching out this far to the extent of attempting to challenge every different type of doll mold that they hadn't originated (MSD sized, SD sized despite the fact I don't like their molds and think theyre dolls are impersonal for the most part).

      While competetors will always arise for things that are popular and have no competitor, i don't see how VOLKS has to be the one to always respond to these sorts of things.

      In my personal opinion, they shouldn't. They have a lucrative business with alot of people ocming to them as the leading doll producer, they don't need to be doing this. Theyre MSDs and SDs were/ARE very popular, their FCS is INCREDIBLY popular (no one else offers anything like it so far) and theyre expanding their original line and doing very well... and theyre already more expensive than almost any other BJD company.

      I've seen, throughout the years i've been with dolls, the steady decline in the personability of their dolls. Their make up to me is very impersonal and the molds are declining in their appeal (the new ones.. most people don't like them). They responded to obitsu with the DD which was, in my idea a good choice. I like the DD better because its more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than Obitsu (haaaattee the way the body is shaped) and a great bodyfor those extra heads- they just need to make a boy one.

      Kaede.. i don't like (sorry to all the kaede owners). She was made as a response to the Unoa's popularity (as was Narindoll) and is more expensive than buying an unoa from Akari (not Y!J). This new "child" doll is their response to the petit ai. There are no good photos so I can't tell.. but.. I don't like the way Volks is heading. When someone comes out with a similar doll to something they made they sue them or get them to change the mold but have no problem making a doll similar to someone else's niche? I personally, don't like that, and honestly that's why I dropped out of the Business major at my school. It was too unethical for me, and I did not in essense want to 'sell my soul" for a corperation (not that i'm saying volks is unethical- but i know if i didn't say that i didn't think that way someone would shove t hose words in my mouth :oops: )

      There is no need for them to do this, and in my opinion, trying to compete in this fashion instead of pumping up what they do best, i do not like. By spreading themselves so thin they are losing the quality in the other areas of their work.

      But this is just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. But I felt I should state what I felt better than my first post.

      I still like Volks , I still plan to get in the end 3 FCS and a standard or so. I still like Petit ai and intend to get one of those. I'm not the fondest of Unoa, but I still like Akari (yaay such a perv! <3).. but to me, this isn't the right direction for volks to be going. They should focus on what they do best, improve that, continue to improve that and be THE BEST in that area instead of letting it slowly depreciate.

      And.. now I'm done.