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New wig at DOD

Jan 12, 2005

    1. [​IMG]
      This beautiful wig is now at DOD *__* if it was red it'd b perfect for Mikael... >.<
      they also changed the main page, instead of too and be-a they show the 4 boys...
    2. :o

      Lovely, lovely wig...wouldn't fit any doll I plan on owning, but it is beautiful!
    3. In the first picture, does anyone know what doll the wig is on? She's really cute
    4. Pretty sure that first one is one of the male dolls...I'm pretty sure it's a Yen, look at the lips. Second one looks to be...a Mir.
    5. Kawaiiiiii :D
      A little goth, it would be perfect for Hirose in black :lol:
    6. JROCKER MULLET!!! <3

      I'm so tempted.
    7. Fisrt one Yen, second one twingkey for sure ^^
    8. One day, DoD will make masculine wigs. T______T;;
    9. I MUST have that wig then dye it black. I'd lovelovelovelove that wig in red.
    10. I also would die for this wig in red. I need a red wig soon for my Mikael >.<
    11. Man that makes me want a Twing key. I always thought she never got enough love. She's my fav DOD girl. Well her and Mir >__<
    12. I want this wig!!!! XDD