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New wigs at JPOPDOLLS.Net and sale coupon

Jul 6, 2008

    1. Hi, just in at www.jpopdolls.net new wigs, exciting new colors and a 20% off coupon for DOA members. The coupon page will come up in the check out process. The coupon code is doacoupon1 PLEASE NOTE: The coupon is for jpop brand wigs only.
      Here are a few of the new wigs we have.
    2. Is that 20% off of one wig or the whole order?
    3. Is the 20% off for ANY J-Pop Dolls wigs or only the new ones?
    4. hI, ANY jpop wigs, and yes the whole order
    5. How long will the coupon be good for? I just bought wigs (actually the same wig in your avatar, lol!)

      I love your wigs, btw. :)
    6. Oh, how perfect! I was thinking about getting a new wig for one of my boys^_^

      btw- I know this is OT but... who is the doll in the first pic, grael? It is so beautiful.
    7. louiselle: You didn't ask me, but I believe the doll in the first picture is a Supia Rosy. :)
    8. Thank you sylvanus_urban(?name interesting)! I guess I've never looked into Supias before. I love her little Asian looking face^_^
    9. The coupon is good till the 14th, we then leave for dollectable and shipping will be delayed. Yes that is Supia Rosy, I love her too
    10. I wish there were more wigs 7-8 size... ... :...(
    11. we have all the new styles in 7-8
    12. will there be any restock of the kana truffle 7-8 wig?
    13. we will do one more run of it and candy as well
    14. I've been waiting for Mystery 6/7 Ravens Wing to restock. Will you be getting more soon?
    15. Please remember to direct specific questions about orders or stock to Jpopdolls through e-mail or PM, rather than in the News thread. Thanks! :)
    16. The coupon page was showing up a few days ago... but it's not showing up on the checkout process anymore. :(
    17. Since the original post about it was posted a month ago, I'm guessing that the coupon event only lasted for a month.

    18. If you look a couple posts up, you'll see that the coupon only lasted until July 14. ;)