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New wigs at Luts

Dec 22, 2005

    1. Luts has been coming out with a lot of new wigs. Almost everyday I see they have something new up.
    2. they are ... i'm checking their site twice a day at this point ;p too bad i had to fall in love with this new wig though ... it sold out so quick! usually they put up new stuff w/ no price but this time i think there was no forwarning. oh well, i'll just have to stalk the aftermarket or hope they come back into stock in a week or two ::fingers crossed::
    3. oh come on, now, why did I look?? :...( :crushed

      opens wallet... moths fly out...

      the BOW SHOES......... and some of those new wigs are cool BEANS, oh crappity.
    4. a looot of new wigs!!! *_____*
      I love Luts! but my money will fly away... T.T

    5. Well after reading that I had to go see what these bow shoes were all about and I actually gasped. I don't usually do that even with beautiful dolls. Oh my god are they like the cutest things ever or what? Now I want a pair! And those new wigs are hot. Maybe when I eventually get my boy he'll have to have one.
    6. Saweeeet!

      Lovin' the black braids with the flippy ends!
      EEEEEEE White Corsets in stock! Grubed em' up! Yum-a-yum LUTS!

      Merry christmas to poor moneyless me!
    7. Ack! Not enough $ to order when it is finally in stock. Bah! Figures.
    8. Paulkaiju - i didn't notice the corset restock!!! woh! Damn, if only it was either red or black i would be on that like white on rice ... thankfully for my pocketbook i can resist it.

      ps. if anybody got that white wig i linked to and winds up not liking it I WANT IT SOOOOOOOO BAD! I wants it for my Tan El ::thinks evil thoughts::
    9. Those braided wigs are very hot!
    10. Once upon a time that was a guy who wanted to kill alllll doll owners over the world.... - but he didn't know how.
      He studied hard all the ways of killing, but none sounded to work with everyone and also, some dolls could ask for revange...
      "Oh my God! What should I do?" - he wondered. Finally he got a solution!
      He made a store, called LUTS (that we read as LUST when we are drunk.) and little by little he started to kill alll doll owners! It could be of poorness or of cuteness, but he kept killing the owners and also, since the dolls were happy with his products they didn't realize the plan and didn't take revange.

      And he lived happly for ever o.o
    11. Choco, you crack me up. :p

    12. How dare he make our dolls look pweety!
    13. I'm too busy drooling over the model in the new wig photos to notice the wigs themselves.... It makes me rather happy I have Breakaway, but there's nothing like seeing one painted up to its full glory.
    14. Ahhh!! I love the new wigs! *sobs* Why is Luts taking all my money?? Oh, crap...one of the Lizard King outfits is in stock. MUST BUY!!! Damn you, Luts! *shakes fist* I was supposed to use that money to get a camcorder! *sighs* Oh well...at least my boys will look hot! :)
    15. Lol, Cacau.. I must be drunk pretty often then, because that is what I often type into my web address window. But I agree, my heart is not as strong as it used to be before I discovered elust.com XD
    16. eaoh, those wigs are HOT. The 35's are gorgeous!
    17. Oh, King wants the brown.
    18. oh wow...I love the braided hair too.. so many new items.. so little money.. :(