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New Years Event at FairyLand

Dec 30, 2009

    1. Dear customers,

      Firstly we wish to thank all our customers for the supports you have given us this year,
      and we are happy to announce another exciting event and new releases to celebrate the new year!

      Event period: December 31, 2009 ~ February 15, 2010

      Event Gifts:
      Purchase $295 or more - 1 set of gift (Pukipuki Polar Bear faceplate)
      Purchase $345 or more - 1 set of gift (PukiFee Fur Seal faceplate)
      Purchase $395 or more - 1 set of gift (LittleFee Arctic Fox faceplate)
      Purchase $495 or more - 1 set of gift (MiniFee Breakaway Scar Sleeping Head & Scar hand (left only))
      Purchase $615 or more - 1 set of gift (MiniFee Breakaway Scar Sleeping Head & Scar Arm Set (left only))
      Purchase $1500 or more - 4 sets of gift (MiniFee Breakaway Scar Sleeping Head & Scar Arm Set (left only), LittleFee Arctic Fox faceplate, PukiFee Fur Seal faceplate, Pukipuki Polar Bear faceplate)
      * Price excludes shipping fee

      Please read before placing order:
      * Scar arm given out during the previous event has been designed for thunder bolt magic concept.
      Scar arm gift for current event has been designed for flame and fire magic concept.

      ** Scar arm set is available for left arm only, and includes upper arm, lower arm, elbow, wrist and hand with markings.
      They are produced from A-Line boy left hand.

      *** Request for event gift swap will only be received via order comment on the form at the time of order placement (before payment confirmation).
      Changing event gift request after this point is not accepted.

      **** Swapping event gift request can be accepted on "one set of item to another" basis (with the gift valued lower than one you are eligible).
      Maximum number of gifts one order can receive is 4 sets.

      ***** Makeup and eyes are not supplied with event heads.

      ****** Please understand that shipping may take longer than stated processing time for orders placed during the event period.

      Photographs of event gifts will be updated in few days. Our apologies for the delay.

      Lastly, updating points for survey participation is now on the way. It is expected to be completed around early January.
      Update will be made according to the time of survey answer placement at the Survey Board,
      and we are unable to accept any request to update the points for a particular member faster than another.
      Also, surveys which did not follow the correct format (such as not including FairyLand ID in the content) will not receive points.
      Thank you for understanding.

      We wish you all the best for the new year!
    2. New Dolls
      New Basic Dolls

      pukiFee Icis Basic
      pukiFee Cupid Basic
      LittleFee Leah Basic

      New Full Packages

      pukiFee Icis Full Package (Snow Waltz Pink)
      pukiFee Cupid Full Package (Snow Waltz Blue)
      LittleFee Leah Full Package (Sugar Plum Fairy)
      LittleFee Piki Full Package (Nutcracker)
      MiniFee Woosoo Full Package (Mono)

    3. Quick photos of event gifts-

      Puki Polar Bear faceplate

      PukiFee Fur Seal faceplate

      LittleFee Arctic Fox faceplate

      MiniFee Breakaway Scar Sleeping Head & Scar Arm Set

      Also, I am unable to post replies to questions posted DOA threads or PM's for some time as I will be overseas and my Internet connection will not be very reliable.
      If you have any inquiries please direct them to FairyLand CS Center or email. Thank you.
    4. Can we request the event items in WS or NS?