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New YoSD hands at Dolpa 19! (Now with photos!)

Apr 13, 2008

    1. Okay, this is not on Volks' website yet, but I swear to God, at Tenshi no Sato today, they were advertising four new YoSD hands. My Japanese is far from perfect, but as I understand it, these hands will debut at Dolpa 19. I do not know if they will be available for sale at Sato or Sumikas after Dolpa.

      The hands are as follows:

      YSD-H-05 - Thumb and index finger are extended.
      YSD-H-06 - Pinky is extended in a "pinky swear" pose. Thumb is slightly extended.
      YSD-H-07 - "V" or "peace" pose.
      YSD-H-08 - Thumb is extended in a "thumbs up" or thumbsucking pose.

      All hands cost ¥2,800, not including tax. As I understand it, the previously released 02, 03, and 04 hands will also be available at Dolpa 19.

      I was stupid and didn't look to see if there was a copy of the flier in an area of Sato where photos are allowed. :doh Maybe someone from the group going tomorrow can get photographs?

      (In completely unrelated news, Momoko has been returned to the LE museum! :D )
    2. Here are the photos! Click to see a larger version:



      It may be that you can only get these hands if you get one of the new Yos? Could someone clarify that? But the 02, 03, and 04 hands are currently on sale at Tenshi no Sato. Don't know about the Sumikas.
    3. Yes, YO-SD "Kira" "Sara" "Nana" "Megu" have 1 order form / 1 doll. You can order these hands with it.

      There is no limit. You can order various hands with many numbers.
    4. that's amazing~i was worried about the hands cuz i wanna four of them
      but will it be on regular items after dolpa?