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New Zuzu Family!

Mar 5, 2008

    1. Very cute! I guess the big-eared one might be a Chihuahua, and the curly-haired one might be a Bichon Frise? The clothes are absolutely darling, but I wish there was a picture of them without their headgear!
    2. I agree. Hopefully, when they are put up properly on the site that will happen, like the kitties
    3. the pilot is so cute!! i have a sphynx and they have huge ears like that and well look a bit like a chihuahua. so this one might need to come home to me if i can swing it. the other one a bichon or a poodle. i wish they had lay-a-way!
    4. T.T I think the poodle is really cute...and I usually don't like these animal dolls~~~
    5. I dont know, but I reckon they will be limited like the kitties were...I dont have the moneys to go for a Pilot even thouh he is SO cute
    6. the pilot one is too cute.... oh, I do not like this....
    7. T.T aww...that would be terrible if they were limited [but i have a feeling if they sell them in sets they will be]

      Well, i don't have money...but damn. I really like that poodle. XD It's really cute.
    8. I reckon, based on whats been shown so far, there will be:

      A Pilot
      An apple grower
      An ice cream seller
      Possibly another musician - guitarist?
      A baker
      A hairdresser
      Maybe a vicar?

      I have no idea if this is correct! Its just a guess
    9. ^^ They sound really cute!! I'm very curious to see what each set looks like [especially the ice cream seller XD]....T.T I need to start selling some stuff. :doh
    10. The chihuahua is so cute! I think I want one
    11. Ive no idea if it will be any of these. I was just looking at the "map" in the background on the luts page and realised that there was a place with planes and a place with apples...then other things began appearing.

      Here is the map:


      And assuming the kitties and the new ones live together:


      1. Singer/stage (kitty?)
      2. Hairdressers
      3. Ice cream
      4. Baker??
      5. Church
      6. Apples
      7. Music
      8.Doctor (kitty?)

      However, knowing me, Im probably going far too into it :sweat
    12. OMG I am in trouble!!

    13. Is it just me, or does there appear to be a fox in the picture?

    14. Do you mean the winged dog water fountain? At least, that's what it looks like.

      These doggies are really cute, the sitting one is endearing, but I don't know how I feel about the sculpted fur.. I'm eager to see all the sets, especially the baker and ice-cream maker!
    15. Those two are cute ^^ not cute enough to make me want one...although I might look and see if that poodle can pull off being a fluffy lab.
      But I imagine, since zuzu were released as basic, that after these lil guys get released in sets they will eventually be released as basics as well
      I can't wait to see their tails, and them without hats
      (Also, Seeing as the last map had arrows to "city"... and this one has arrows to kitty bitty ville and what looks like "E Sea", I imagine there will be yet another zuzu family by the sea XD )
    16. Wow how awesome this 2 are:aheartbea
      I think the little dog look a bit lake a French Bulldog :) and I would love to get a little dog :lol:

    17. wow im so glad they've brought out doggies too! i cant wait to see the rest of them!!! :D i wonder what the next lot of animals will be?!! XD im dying for a mouse or squirrel! >.< *is excited*
    18. Oh. Oh my goodness. I don't even like dogs, but that Pilot! I want him so badly! Augh!
    19. All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME!! Finally, cute DOGS!!! I'm dying to see the ears of the Poodle (?) one!

      P.S.--The "Wicca" book in the background is making me giggle a bit. ;)