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News at custom house, normal skin beny and limited hanael

Jul 19, 2007

    1. I've seen this at custom house.

      Greetings from Custom House!
      You will meet Normal Skin Beny, who got so much more handsome, on July 20th,
      and Uyuchagongbang's cute Hanael on July 23rd.

      * July 20th, at 7PM *

      -Limited Little Junior-

      Beny (normal skin)

      Face up : Sarasoo
      Outfit : Chesca

      A second exclusive limited from Chesca!
      If you loved Chesca's first limited doll, Icarus, you will love Beny too!!
      Don't miss the great collaboration or artist Sarasoo and Chesca!

      * July 23rd, at 7PM *

      -Limited Petite Ai -

      Hanael (white skin)

      Face up: Uyuchagongbang
      Outfit : Uyuchagongbang

      Two beautiful outfits by Uyuchagongbang!
      Two wigs!!
      With double of outfits and wigs, Have fun changing Hanael's images!

      We wish all our friends to stay cool in this summer.
      We ask for your interest.

      Their prices are $628 for Moonchild Beny and $510 for Angelic Hanael.
    2. Angelic- Hanael


      Moon child - Beny

    3. They are so gorgeous <3

      Will Beny ever be released as a standard? ,_,