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News from Crescent Shop - Lottery for Unoa 2nd Mr. Araki Painted version!

Oct 1, 2008

    1. According to my Crescent shop messages:

    2. Further to the above, Crescent shop is taking pre-orders for the kits from January 2009

      " Thank you for using our service.
      We are now taking applications of lottery for Unoa 2nd Gentaro Araki painted version !

      Here's term and condition.

      1) Application for the lottery
      One applicant can send one application only.
      If we find identical informations in different applications,
      we will cancel all of them.

      2) Available Quantity
      We will be receiving only 6 sets from Mr. Araki of Alchemic Labo.
      This 6 sets are exclusively for Crescent Shop's clients !!

      3) Price
      US$ 695.00 + EMS shipping charge

      4) Deadline of Application
      We are taking application from 13:00 on Oct 2th to 13:00 on Oct 8th.

      ...... (deleted this section)

      10) Pre-orders for kits of Unoa 2nd version
      We are taking pre-orders for Unoa 2nd version in January, 2009.
      Please come back to us again if you want the Unos 2nd kit version.

      Best Regards,

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop "