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News from Gomi Doll

Jul 14, 2008

    1. You can read this message int he website:

      Half opened eyes Igon and Idue are now available.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      GomiDoll: http://www.gomidoll.com/
    2. Yay! Thanks so much for the excellent news! I was so sad when they said they stop.
      Nobody knows if the new heads will be SD heads? And no info about a possible body?
    3. Umm, do you guys have any idea if they are still alive and working? I tried contacting them both in their Q&A and by e-mail and got no answer...
    4. has anyone heard when idue will be available again?
    5. An old notice from 09/08 states:

      Please accept our company apology for being delay in the delivery
      Thank you for your patient.
      And The head of Idue & half-open eyed Igon is out of the selling.
      We're planning to have New head on sale as soon as possible.
      and again,I'm sorry the shipment's been delayed.
      Thank you for purchasing our goods.

      The notice posted 1/17/09 states that the new head will be on sale on January 27th. :D
    6. The new sculpt is online and available: I-Bi. He's beautiful! He looks like Idue's little brother. ^^