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News from the LA Halloween Party

Oct 30, 2006

    1. Attention anyone who sews for BJDS...

      Volks is looking for you...why?

      Because sround summer next year there will be a full LA Dolpa...they plan on renting a plane and flying over many of the Japanese Merchants, and asked for US Merchants also. They expect about 500 people to attend, will be renting a place for it.

      Um, other news is a special reissue of a Girl SD doll for the Tokyo Dolpa 12/24, who it is will be put out very soon.

      A Party in New York again next year for two days with a special doll for that, and one for the LA Dolpa.

      Thanks to the Shigetas for once again putting on a lovely party!
    2. ^_^... actually they said that the New York 2 day event would be around June, and that they'd have a makeup class.

      and that the dolpa in LA would be around Oct or Nov.
    3. Is that 500 attendees or 500 dealers they are hoping to get?
    4. Dealers. They said that they were going to get a big jet to fly all of the dealers over with.
    5. So she's going to be a REissue then, he said? I was listening but missed some details, that's interesting to know! And I remember he also said that they'd have information available on their website in November, though I don't remember if he said early or late November.
    6. who can we contact about selling at the dolpa? I'm interested in it
    7. I could be wrong--I have a horrible memory and it was difficult to listen well with everything going on, but I thought the 500 people being flown in from Japan were going to be owners/fans wanting to attend a dollpa in Los Angeles. And that Volks wanted to encourage lots of US vendors and seamstresses, etc., to get ready to sell things for everyone coming from wherever.

      Volks was still going to need to set up things with the travel agent so that they could offer a package for people traveling from Japan.

      But as I said, I could be horribly wrong! :?
    8. I'm not sure about the 500, since Mr Shigeta was being translated it seemed some things were a little confused. I believe it was said that they expected about 500 people to attend and so would be getting space in a hotel since there was not enough room at the mansion (of course).

      The plane is being used to fly over Japanese merchants, that I know because my ears perked way up on hearing that! Not sure how many will be coming over. They did say they wanted to have a real Japanese Dolpa here.
    9. They said they looked at all the previous dolls issued and this one is very special to them, so definitely a reissue, and either it was Shino or Mikey who was translating who let it slip that it was a girl. And the info for the Tokyo Dolpa is suppose to be on the website early November.
    10. they didn't say, I'm sure it will be on the website once they are ready to take applications. I'm curious if they charge vendors for table space at the ones in Japan.
    11. I'm pretty sure they do. I could have sworn I looked at one point because I was curious and I want to say it was like 8000 yen?

      I know for other events in Japan table costs generally give you two dealer passes.
    12. I seemed to remember it being 500 Japanese fans that were going to come over. It would be quite difficult to get 500 dealers! I don't even think they have that many dealers in the Japanese dolpas.
    13. 8000 yen, about 80 dollars? that's not bad, that's about what I paid for my table and badge at ohayocon.
    14. I'm pretty sure it was 500 fans/owners, with dealers included in that number.

    15. I dunno. The pictures of dolpa that I have seen look alot like Comic Con and they have well over 1000 companies. ( I actually think it's closer to 2500 companies, but I'm not certain.) Although, they did say "hotel" and not "convention center". So my guess is that it's going to be much smaller.

      I thought I heard that it was vendors, but perhaps it was fans. We'll see.

      I also didn't hear the reissue thing. I thought I heard that they were developing a new doll to be released.
    16. I'm not great at estimating these things, but having been to one of the Doplas in Japan (Tokyo, X-mas this year), I think there were plenty of dealers they could choose from O_O I don't have the guide-book for it within reach right now, but I can look up how many tables there were tonight, if people would like to get an idea of the size.

      I don't think they'd make the first American one quite so large... The way they're structuring it all, it seems like they're starting smaller to build the hype, then letting it grow as the fanbase does - like progressing from tea-parties to a full-scale Dolpa.

      I hope they keep doing the smaller events, though (if they're selling the mansion that seems kinda unlikely, doesn't it :( ) - I'd love to go to one. It seems more special, in a way, to have a little gathering - Dolpas are insane!! Albeit in a good way ;) There are so many people, though - the tea-parties seem more intimate and less commercial.

      Edit: Aaand because I think that probably counts as some discussion (oops, sorry...), I started a thread for that in the General area ^^.
    17. What I got from the listening to the translator was that the 500 people they were bringing was a combination of dealers and owners... They weren't specific, but I would assume the vast majority would be owners and fans. Seen some japanese music artists do a similar thing where they fly in a group of fans to fill in the front and get the crowd more worked up when they're not sure about how they'll be received by americans.

    18. Tokyo Dolpas have about 700 dealers and Doll Show currently has about 350 dealers. I've not been to a non-Tokyo Dolpa, but I am pretty sure they are closer to 300 or so. ^^

      Both take up a lot of space, much more than what would be available at 1 hotel.
    19. I'm 99% positive that they said 500 vendors. At first it sounded like they were going to say fans but changed it. As far as where, I think they still have alot to look into and finding out about hotels here vs. convention centers will probably be part of that.

      I really like that they want to give alot of advanced notice. Obviously an event of this size takes alot of prep work but also, as far as us fans, I think they've heard that we like advance notice. They did address the short notice of the Halloween party after all.

      I'm so excited to be able to plan for something big next year.
    20. I thought they were releasing a new doll? Maybe I was wrong and it is a reissue..but from the way they put it... I dunno. *Shrugs*

      Also I thought the 500 were fans AND dealers.