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NEWS ! Volk SD17 & Mini DD (Pictures of bodys)

Apr 15, 2007

    1. it is for Dolpa 17 Tokyo and after event (25th & 26th in May)

      After captain Cecile this is : Reisner full set 134 400 Yens !:D

      In the magazine, there is no size about SD17 (i wait the website perhaps)

      sorry i haven't not scanner !






      AYU & MAYU
      New (very cute) Mini DD : :fangirl:

      37cm (full set) 50 400 Yens

      Not in resine BUT in ABS (like Jun planning with their BJD)



    2. They have SD16s and SD17s?
    3. Yep -- Reisner (SD17) has a different body from Yukinojo (SD16).

      -- Andi :)
    4. I don't suppose there are any pictures without the eye patch?
    5. Sorry, i haven't got another pics on my "Volks News" magazine ...
    6. On the book, there is no size T________________T !
    7. Do we know how tall the mini DD are? they are super cute. What size clothing would they fit? will they fit "Who's that girl" clothing? never can figure out these smaller dolls as I don't have any of this kind. Very true we need a little boy too :)
    8. The image of the DD bodies says 'Whole height - 370mm'
    9. Well based on the scan info the mini DDs are 370 millimeters = 14.5 inches.

      I'm guessing the price on the Mini DD's is only for these full-sets? $424.24 ($50,400 Yen) seems a bit steep for a vinyl doll that small as just a default look. Does anybody see anywhere in the article if it says how much defaults will be or if they will be available at all?
    10. Given that the last new doll types (YoSD, SDC, SD16, SD17, Rei) Volks has made have not become standards yet, I would try to not get my hopes up for these Mini DD's to become standard. However, all the aforementioned bodies are also either very small or very large and have a lot of detail, whereas these are medium sized and have a fairly normal amount of articulation and detail. So I suppose if I was betting on any LE size to become standard, it would be these girls. It will probably also depend on how well these girls sell at the Dolpa sales.
    11. I can't understand very well the price of Reisner,
      The price is 128000 yens or 134 400 yens?
    12. The price is 12800, however in Japan they also put up the price including tax, which would be 134400 yen. :)
    13. I just thought to add that this tax amount is also charged to non-Japanese customers when you buy things on the international site. They call it a handling fee. This is the same cost as the tax, and it a separate cost than the actual EMS shipping.
      So when I look at the prices, I count on paying the higher price in the parenthesis.

      Evidentely soon in the USA we will have to pay sales state tax on internet purchases. I sure hope it won't apply to international purchases too!!
    14. In Japan you have 5% taxe added (Volks always show taxe) !
    15. One thing to note is if you actually manage to get your doll at an actual physical Dolpa you don't pay the 5% tax.

      (Though you can't collect points vs when you pay tax at an AE)
    16. is Reisner...limited edition too?
    17. Yes, All the dolls released during Dolpa are Limited Editions and exclusive to each event.
    18. Do we know if the eye under the patch is 'scarred' or not? I love him but would prefer him without the scarred eye....
    19. If he was scarred they would've made a big deal about it like they did with Scarface Cecil. I think it's safe to assume that he's not.
    20. Volksusa emailed me back and said that the SD17 boy is about the same as Yukinojo at 26 inches tall (65cm).