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Next Dolpa in Tokyo?

Apr 7, 2005

    1. When there will be the next Dolpa in Tokyo?
      I will be in Japan the first two week of may and I would love to go... I hope it's not the first week of may... because I'm in Kyoto and I should take a shinkansen to go there ;_;

      thanks in advance
    2. Dolpa 13 will be on May 3rd @ Tokyo Big Site... I want to gooooo :(
    3. Hi

      Hubby has said that we can possibly bring our Japan trip forward to coincide with Dolpa 13, in Tokyo.. how would we get tickets or do you just Q up on the day.. etc... has anyone got this info.. thanks alot.

    4. Ok..I *think* you have to get the guide book..they sell them in the volks shops, and these have the tickets in...

      Am I right?

    5. If i'm not mistaken, the guide book IS the ticket. :)
    6. Ohhh...cool!
      Not too far off wrong then! :lol:
      Knew it had something to do WITH the guide book!

    7. Speaking of the next Dolpa, does anyone know when Volks will announce which limiteds they're going to be releasing? *crosses her fingers for a re-release of Tsukasa* Everyone seems to think the fourth Tokyo boy will be released, but I want to know who else we can look forward to!
    8. Hi

      so if I arrived in Tokyo on Sunday or monday would I still be able to get 2 brochures... and are children (13) allowed into dollpa's as my daughter is nagging to come with me.... *_* lol...

      as much info as possible would be great... as need to sort the flight out etc....

      thanks all...

    9. I'm going! Whee!!! We should organize a meet-up of DoA people.

      Thanks for the tip about how to get a ticket/guidebook. We're gettng there the week before and I'll pick one up at one of the stores.

      I keep checking the Volks site for announcements of the Limiteds, etc., but so far there's just a "coming soon" message.
    10. LOL! I've been a frequent visitor there, too! Even teaser pics would be good! :daisy
    11. yay Id be happy to meet up... would be great...

    12. :::crosses fingers that when we get official release info, the first SDCute boy, Arashi, will be on the list!:::

    13. Yes, the guide book is the ticket.
      You can buy it beforehand (and go "OMG, I need to see that booth, cause I've seen Dolls Drug Kingdom/ BySesca/Ajumapama/whatever on the net and love their stuff!" ;-)) in Volks stores, but you can also just go to Big Sight and get the book/ticket there.
      (To get there form the local train station, just follow the Volks violin cases ... That's what I did last time. ;-))

      However, if you intend to try and get any limited dolls, it may be a bit different, seeing as I think you have to queue up, but I'm not sure about that.
    14. As far as I know, getting into the Tokyo dolpas follows the same setup as the Kyoto one, which is explained on the English Kyoto DP3 page -

      All you lucky people! XD I want to go!

      Limiteds are usually released I think about a week to two weeks before the event. *fingers crossed*
    15. i wish they'd have one during end of june begining of july! then i could be able to go!
    16. OMG! I'm so excited! I can't read it beyond sounding out the hiragana, but it still looks so official now. Thanks for posting this -- I hope the English page is up soon!
    17. I've read the english page on Dolpa, but I'm not sure that I have understand well...
      Can anyone explain me better?

      This is what I have understand:

      For the limited dolls:

      1 buy the guidebook
      2 go to Dolpa and follow the line to drew a ticket (?? I don't understand this..)
      3 wait to the order ticket (that are handed out from the top of the line.)
      4 pay and after 13.00 you can pick up your doll.


      >When all of order tickets (quantity is limited) is handed out,the line will be broken up

      What does this means? that maybe I will go early.. make a long line.. and after the ticket are ended.. I may not get a limited doll?

      thanks in advance
    18. Nalae-

      1. Your right about the guidebook. You'll have to pick it up before you head to the Tokyo Bigsite if you want to try for a limited or the new items, as while you can buy the guidebook there I think, they don't start selling them til 'actual' opening time.

      2. There will be several lines set up, one for limited dolls, one for limited dolpa items (like the V jeans etc), and one for general entry. If you want a limited anything, you stand in the appropriate line. (from, I think, 7:30 onwards - they don't tolerate lining before that) Then, when it gets closer to opening, one of the Volks people will come down the line and hand you a 'ticket', which allows you to erm, be in the line. They keep giving out the tickets until they don't have any left, or the designated time for re-lining occurs. So yes, you could feasably stand in line and not get a chance at a doll, if you come too late, or miss out on lining at all if you're even later.

      3. Once everyone has tickets, the line 'dispurses' - it rearranges into order. From what I gather the tickets aren't given out in order, the numbers are higgilty pigglity. Once everyone re-arranges themselves, Volks hand out the 'item' tickets - so like, if you wanted Kohya, or Tohya or whatever, you'd grab one of them when the person came past offering them. Again, if you were unlucky and got a ticket at the end of the line, then you might not get the doll you want. Once the Dolpa opens, they begin to work through the lines, and you hand over your ticket and pay.

      4. As you say, you pick up your doll later on. ^_^
    19. Oh, wow -- you mean there's a chance you won't get the dolls you want, even if you get on the line nice and early? That's so disheartening.. ~_~;