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next unoa preorder?

Jan 7, 2005

    1. i had heard from someone that there will be no more unoa preorders, just preorders for the 1/6th dolls... but i neeeeeeeed a unoa lusis!!!!!!!!!!!

      ~Ami M.~
    2. I really don't think there will be another preorder. Gentaro Araki seems very sick of the BJD world based on his diary. I don't think he likes it when things get too popular, because he feels people get pushy and overly demanding and its not fun anymore. All the begging in the world probably won't get him to make more if he doesn't feel like it, sorry ^^; Start saving up for a kit on the secondary market, it'll probably be more productive than holding your breath waiting for another preorder.
    3. sadness... i feel bad that someone so talented feels pressured. hopefully he will beable to resdiscover it for himself later in life. (i would love to just see him make things like this for himself). . . ah well. thanks for the info, roux.
    4. darn I want a large bust plate ;_;
    5. Does anyone have news about when the latest (or possibly last) batch of dolls will be released? Alot of people did pre-order this summer, so more dolls could be out on the market...
    6. The first ones are being shipped in japan - you can tell because the pics on yj kit auctions clearly show lusis with the new chestnut wig araki got for her due to some problem getting the same material he used during previous order periods.
    7. Oh, god.... This, after I realized I really do want a Lusis.... I was going to save up for the next preorder.... :crushed
    8. If he's sick of the BJD world, why would he continue to make 1/6 BJDs? And isn't this (and his models) his full-time job? He's free to do whatever he likes with his dolls and how he offers them, but it seems to me like he's completely set himself up for this burnout by making a popular doll and then *severely* limiting who gets to own one -- Of course there's going to be a big second hand market and demand issues. He had the option to eliminate this problem by either offering Unoa all the time in unlimited quantities, or running the production only once, making them true limiteds, and then moving on to other things.

      So while I empathize with his burnout, I think he's mostly to blame himself.
    9. just got this from masamichi!!!
      about the rumor of no more unoa preorders!
      "No. The information is wrong.
      Alchemic Labo is planning to take another pre-order this year too.
      Don't know exactly when they start yet though. "

      i just cried from being happy for the first time in my life!

      ~Ami M.~
    10. I think if anything has turned him off about making yunoa, it's the fact that his work has been ripped off several times by people copying his molds.
    11. "He had the option to eliminate this problem by either offering Unoa all the time in unlimited quantities"

      how can he though? it's a small company, he makes them limited to preorders because that is all he has time to do. :)

      I think we should not jump to conclusions yet and wait and see. Masamichi knows a lot too and like she said, he says there will be another later this year.

      keep in mind that the only way he could really solve the "not enough" problem would be to option unoa out to a larger BJD company to produce them.
      I think that Mr. Araki (this is my assumption I dont claim to know...) but I think that he likes having ultimate control over his product, and has that by making it a small run company and not doing it too much.

      also keep in mind that some companies keep it fresh by only making certain dolls once, or only for one year... like hypermaniac for example.

      just my 2 cents!
    12. I think he considers the 1/6 dolls to be more like garage kits than bjd. Making models is his job, but he's famous and successful enough in making all kinds of models to the point whrere he can basically make what he likes (nice, huh?). He "severely" limits the dolls to control quality, as aimee suggested. I don't think wanting to watch over your creations carefully makes it his fault for his dolls getting hyper popular and hence for his burn out on them. I think he is just nostalgic for the days of gundam and 1/6. Why should he have to produce them once onle or all the time? I think he should produce them as many times as he wants to. Let's all be glad that we all even got the chance to have them through Masamichi!
    13. I also wrote to Masamich. and he gave me the same answer!!! :D

      " Crescent Shop
      This is wrong. They are plannig to take pre-order this year too.
      So if you are willing to wait, I think you should order the doll without through Yahoo Auction.
      The price on Yahoo is very expensive.


    14. :oops: lets not all email Masamichi about it! Poor guy has enough emails to deal with!
    15. Yep Aimee you're right !
      I email him few days (my computer trashed again and I lost my confirmation email order - :oops: ) and he told me that he supposed that my unoas will be ready to ship next week !

      So ... they're coming !!!!!!!!!!! :grin:
      Watch your mailbox !!!!!!! :wink:
    16. I would think it'd be better for him to stop making them before the stress hurts his health. I love Unoa, don't get me wrong, but I stopped liking them that much when they became popular. I don't want to stop seeing them, and I have nothing at all against people loving them, but I just wouldn't buy my own.
      I've heard so many rumors, but it seems it won't stop. I guess some people go a little batty when they hear "Stop" and assume he's not making them anymore. :) Good study on how rumors spiral out of control.
    17. i know what you mean.
      i emailed him a few days ago about this (long before this thread was started) and he took a while to reply so he must be overloaded with all sorts of requests...
    18. True, true, I should give him the benefit of the doubt since I of course have no idea what goes on in his company/personal life/what have you. And I certainly respect his desire to keep a tight reign on the output of his company, but would it honestly be impossible to run a small-time business year round if that's what he wanted to do? Obviously, he's made the choice to not do that for whatever reason. Perhaps the demand for Unoa *would* be overwhelming even for a fully-functional small business? (if that's the case it makes me wonder how he manages to fill all of the preorders.)

      ...I guess what I was trying to say, and just getting at it rather poorly, is that the way Unoa are sold creates a demand and fervor that wouldn't be there if they were single-run dolls like Hypermaniac's or unlimited (even if they were semi-limited with a long wait period). I'm actually somewhat surprised that he has offered the same two dolls for such a relatively long time on this system (which I think would even stress me out!) rather than only making a given doll once.

      (Although I am admittedly quite pleased to learn that a Sist may be in my future. Goodness, if you can order two at a time maybe a Sist *and* a Lusis...)
    19. well, I see your point but I still dissagree... I mean think about this, the last preorder wast started in Sept. It's no January,... so while I'm sure that Mr. Araki was doing other things during that period as well, I'm under the impression that he's spent a good deal of that time preparing Unoa for us as well. So that's a good part of the year right there just for one preorder. (if he thought he could get them done sooner, I'm under the impression that he would, all other factors and commitments considered.)

      Also consider that Mr. Araki is not just a doll maker, he's also a very well regarded kit/figure sculptor (and I imagine he still very much likes to do that...) and he ALSO is an artist! I would also imagine that he doesn't want to just stop doing his art (ie drawing) completely either.

      I also don't think that him making 2 preorders a year creates an artificial demand for them... because really, who would preorder a Unoa and wait like 3 or 4 months for it unless they really wanted it? (unless they are a very patient scalper, which is quite consceivable?) I dont think that people order unoa just because they are hard to get. (unless you are a scalper, again...)

      an the amount of people who ordered int his last time, it wasn't limited at all. So think about that for a moment too. Think about the huge influx of people who must have ordered to masamichi from all over the world... and think about all the people in Japan who ordered. While some of that is due to people having to order all at one time since they know there wont be another preorder for a while,... I do think that unoa is popular and he probably finds that it just will be too much for him to do all the time.

      again though, it's really hard for us to say isn't it? because we arent him and we dont know the whole situation or his thought process. :)
    20. so..let me get this straight..there isnt a limit to the preorder? as many people who want to order can order..there isnt a set number?