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nice MSD shoes- where to find them?

Feb 7, 2007

    1. Hi all
      I have a really big problem with finding nice shoes for MSD. mabey you do know some shops that can help me?

      will appriciate all yor links
    2. Yiby.net has cheapish, nice shoes. Airmail shipping included in the price! The site loads very slowly to me, though :/
    3. i like looking around on e-bay..
      I bought tons of slip-on shoes there..(yeah those they have on dollmore..but then cheaper)
      I also got converse msd shoes black..

      They have someother okey shoes, but most are second hand.

      And the other shoes i do like are..luts, but your probebly know eluts.
    4. Wow! Those are really nice! Usually the MSD sized shoes look kind of shoddy, but these actually have top stitching and look nice!
    5. Have you tried Dollheart? They've got nice shoes for MSD besides SD and Yo. Their service is good and if you've doubt as to fitting you can always ask them since MSDs do come in various sizes e.g. Volks has wider feet compared to others.
    6. Seller Mimiwoo on Ebay has a large selection.
    7. thanks for all your help :3
    8. Leekeworld gets some amazing shoes but they go in and out of stock pretty fast and there's about $23 shipping for one pair!

      And there's Volks US:

      And BTW - Mini's from various companies have a range of foot lengths and widths. You need to find out what fits and doesn't fit your particular mini by finding a thread about your type of doll or asking other owners.

    9. Doll Heart are lovely, I bought some through Jolly Plus and the shipping was cheap and fast. I'm sure if you got them Doll Heart direct it'd be good too.

      Their shoes are really detailed and beautiful, to the point i want them for myself to wear!!!!

      I find that shipping from Hong Kong companies is really reasonable next to the Korean ones

      I really want these!
    10. the size is not a problem, because I have Narae and volks Maria, so they'll fit one of them for sure :)

      just bought a darling volks pair
    11. Dollmore also has a ton of MSD shoes. Not sure about the fit yet, but the tiny sneakers sure are cute.
    12. :) That dollheart place has lovely shoes. My only comment is that i've never bought a pair of shoes for myself that cost more than HALF that cost. :lol:
      My doll will be wearing more expensive clothes than me.
    13. Come to gather info.
      Thank you.^^
    14. Another vote for dollheart. The quality of their shoes are as nice as ones made for people.
    15. I think for the price and detail I like DollHeart myself. Volks shoes are also of excellent quality but are more pricey in comparison to Dollheart. For cheap but pretty good shoes, Dollmore's Mary Jane's and sneakers are a good fit and scale. I have found that Converse type shoes can be big and will require socks to wear with them to improve the fit. Also, the Ugg like boots were rather tight and I could not have tights or socks with them to get them on properly.
    16. Poor Chrno has these adorable/hideous little shiny black shoes because they were to cheapest thing ont he LUTS site... I need new ones but for cheap. great thread!


      *overly amused by icon*
    17. Dollmore has cute shoes..
      I wish i could find some wicked boots with the chains and stuff on them. lol n_n
    18. Try Denver Doll Emporium- Denverdoll.com