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Jul 1, 2016

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      Lazarus is available for order.

      Preorder period July 1st — July 10th.

      Height - 45 cm, 18 joints, 3 skintone variants are available for order: pale, normal, light tan.

      The limit of heads is 50 copies, the body are basic.10 dolls are available for order at this pre-order period.

      An assembled doll, a box, a certificate, a couple of glass eyes of random color are included.

      Price - 380 USD. Layaway for 4 times are available - the first nonrefundable payment is 100 USD. I also provide a discount - in the case of totality one pay, the dolls price consists 350 USD.

      The delivery is paid separately.

      I’m going to send orders in Septemder/October of 2016.

      Please, pay attention that preorder will take place in a case of at least 5 persons who wish to buy the doll.

      You can make an order by e-mail [email protected]. More information at

      In the case of questions write to e-mail.
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