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Nigel Chia's Demuse Doll Discussion thread 1

Feb 11, 2018

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    1. Okay, so let's do this. Quite honestly, for me, this is the most beautiful, most perfect female BJD body I have ever seen. These knees, those elbows, the hands, that face...OMG, to die for :abow:. To my luck, she is only available in MSD size. So she just can't fit my SD+ crew. Or...can she (oh dear, the very thought...soooo tempting).

      I imagine her as a fairy creature. Not quite human, but I would love her with exactly the blonde wig of the limited edition. I am quite sure that it will be very unhealthy for me stalk Demuse's shop.

      Sadly, I know nothing about Mr. Chia's attitude towards us BJD people. Maybe somebody can get in touch with Mr. DollShe? They have done a cooperation with Demuse. Maybe he could do something about this aspect?

      Like I said, I already contacted the creator of this wonderful doll about the possibility of purchasing a nude doll. He said no, I could get her only as a fullset. On the one hand, outrageous. On the other hand...he is a fashion designer, so I fully understand him (though I may still put different clothes on her).

      Ah, I just don't know...I am stuck.

      (Sorry for being that dramatic. But never, ever before has a female doll spoken in such a way to me. And I am not even remotely interested in which character to turn her into. I just want her for herself).:(
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    2. I feel your pain. I follow him on Instagram, and his dolls and fullsets are amazing. But while I'd love to have one of his dolls, I don't know I'd want a fullset. :/
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    3. Some things are just not meant to be. I think it is just better for me to stay away from that lady.
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    4. She's very pretty. I would probably be interested in getting my hands on one if it weren't for the upper thigh joint. I know this joint is becoming more and more popular on dolls, but I find it so off-putting. You could never dress her in a bathing suit or short shorts, and to be honest, I don't think that extra joint makes all that much difference when it comes to posing. Otherwise I think she's absolutely lovely.
    5. Ahhhhhh shame it's fullsets only. I was excited about that body (although the head I am not too thrilled with, but some of the past heads are lovely).... but probably not gonna drop that much for a fullset anytime soon.
    6. I'm getting a Nichole on preorder and I'm so excited. I had his Caroline last year but I had to sell her. Now I want to buy her back again but I can't find anyone to sell her.
      I'd love to see pics of any Demuse dolls. I love that they have inset eyes.
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    7. Congrats on getting a Nichole! I am getting one too. I am so excited!! I am hoping to find some of his old gowns for sale but so far not having any luck. lol This is going to be my first Demuse. I have wanted one for so long. :)
    8. Does anyone know where to find her measurements?
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    9. I have been watching Nigel Chia’s YouTube videos for many years. I am originally from Singapore and my family came from a town 1 hour from Ipoh Perak Malaysia. I admire his courage and art work a lot. I had always assumed DeMuse dolls are vinyl.

      I no longer collect 16” fashion dolls but I believe De Muse doll body measurements and sculpting are perfect, no digits missing and no digits extra. It’s so because watching his videos, Nigel Chia is a quality fussy and detail oriented fashion designer. If he has a store front in Malaysia (anywhere), I hope to swing by one day. He seems to be quiet last year. Many of his web pages do not exist.
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    10. Yes, I’d love to know her proportions!
    11. His blog still works!
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    12. thank you it is been helpfull!!:chibi:chibi:chibi
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    13. Congrats on getting your doll. I am looking for information on this doll. Do you remember what she cost new?
    14. Maybe 699-799? I'm not sure. She's worth it!
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    15. Merinda was my first BJD doll and first Demuse doll


      Second Margaux (best mold)

      Isabella was third, but not for long because she found a new home
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    16. No one mentions price and I have a feeling his dolls are very expensive. I wish one of those who have been fortunate enough to find one of his dolls for sale would state the price per doll. Certainly his work is amazing. I watch him sew the dress while on the doll and all I can think is that if I would try that I would have pin holes all over my doll. I would not be surprised by a $5000.00 price or up.....
    17. I had Margaux some time ago and I payed around 700 USD for nude blank doll. Now I m in search for another Demuse girl.
    18. He is very talented and I love to watch his videos. Thank you Ladybug for the information and a lot less than I expected.