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Nightmare Sharmin

Mar 15, 2005

    1. Oh wow :o Really nice look for Sharmin!
    2. I absolutely adre that Sharmin. I really really want her, but I already have a Sharmin.... *sighs* So pretty.
    3. :o SHE'S so... wow! very different from my girl! but so very beautiful! :D
    4. Wow best looking Sharmin EVER! .....tempted as never before.....
    5. This one cracks me up :lol: I looked at the title and assumed sonehow soemthing was either major wrong or that Sharmin had a major mishap in someone's home.(Forgot I was in NEWS)..

      Then I see the ebay link and think - maybe it's some sort of weird auction. :?
      Then I click - and for the first time contemplate whether Sharmin should find her way to my house....With a great deal of will power - No - NO - NO - !!!!

      I say and pray that my will holds! :D
    6. with those long elf ears, she reminds me a lot of the comic Poison Elves.

      she's awsome!

    7. !!!! :o :o :o :o :o !!!! I want one! I hope there are more.

      *runs off to save pics*
    8. Very intersting take on Sharmin.
      For some reason, she seems to me like she's absolutely crying out for a lip piercing.
    9. Ooooh!!! I like that Sharmin!!!

      Thanks for sharing the link ~~~
      hope there will be more of Nightmare Sharmin...
      xcrosses fingers....
    10. Cloudtrader: Having two of the same doll isn't a bad thing. Especially when one is as gorgeous as Nightmare Sharmin. :wink:

      Descending Twilight and Angelificatus: Oh there'll probably be a few more of Nightmare Sharmin on ebay, I seem to remember seeing a few Black Dream and White Dream versions, and of course tons of the Kimono version. So good luck to both of you should you decide to get one!

      Myself I'm still not a huge fan of the Sharmin headmold, but the faceup and overall look to this one is just my cup of tea. I'll probably be using her for faceup reference when I *finally* get my boy. :cow

      <3 Nightmare Sharmin
    11. yeah, usually she's not my type, but wow, the faceup and clothes are great! hope the person who snapped her up posts pics here! :D
    12. oh wow!!!! i didnt know sharmin could look so great!!! :o wow wow wow~~~
    13. I have never been a big fan of Sharmin ..
      But this one is a must have :D
    14. Tho I´ve never been a Sharmin-shipper I absolutely adore this one!!
    15. I'm not into the goth look, but I gotta admit, she's cute! :chibi
    16. I love the gothy look for sharmin, but not tooooo goth.

      Sharmin is a doll to me with TONS of potential. It's sad how people write her off so easily... she's one of those dolls you HAVE to see in person to appreciate. I absolutely adore mine to death, especially after her new faceup and body mods.
    17. I've wanted a Sharmin for awhile now--she can pull off so many incredibly different looks--but this version definitely sent me right over the edge! I have a bid in on one, and at least if I get outbid, I know I can get the next one with BIN--I just *love* her!!

    18. NOW that looks good! Love the coloring combination... pale skin.. pale blue eyes and black hair.. looks great.

      I have a Sharmin.. and to be very honest.. she obviously doesnt photograph well.. as she is sooooooooo much better in person than ANY pic I have seen.. This one would probably look even better in person.

      Some dolls look better in photos than they really are...Sharmin isnt one of those.

      I am nearly tempted to get another Sharmin to give her this sort of look! My current one needs a mate sometime.. so I though.. Ok maybe Alice... BUT.. well I LIKE this one.
    19. I'm really tempted to get Nightmare Sharmin, too, but since my fav. hobby is photographing my dolls ... she's a no-no ;_;

      I LOVE playing with Sharmin's ears and headcap, but she's really hard to pose and photograph. I'd probably end up playing with her for a month and then end up having to sell her.