Nina.k_chimera Chimera Doll discussion

Jun 14, 2019

    1. Hello everyone!

      I just preordered a doll from this great artist I found through instagram. She goes by the name Nina.k_chimera and her website is

      I was curious if anyone else has seen this artist or her dolls before. Was anyone here able to preorder one? Someone cancelled their preorder and I was able to take their spot.
      I am super excited for mine!

    2. Thank you so much for linking! I will definitely post some pictures once I get her
    3. The mod team has not seen this doll before; we are temporarily locking this thread during our topicality review.
    4. I'm happy to report that Nina.k's dolls are on topic! :)
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    5. Yay! Thank you! So excited.
    6. I love these dolls and the master. Her new dolls are so elegant and graceful. I couldn't get one on her first preorder, but hope to get on second one.
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    7. I hear you! I missed the initial preorder too. When she posted on instagram that someone cancelled their order I was able to snag that doll and that just so happened to be on my birthday. It was a great surprise.
    8. I joined her March preorder! I'm dying to receive mine, though I think I will be in the last batch due to color. :sorry
    9. omg, I was so sad I missed the last preorder. I cannot wait for the next preorder! Also, what's up!? I need to see some pix from people who have received their dollies!
    10. These dolls are gorgeous. I've been dreaming of getting one for a while now but not sure if I'll make it to the next preorder either.

      By the way, why is this thread on Large dolls section? The dolls are msd sizes as they are 43 cm / 17 inch on tiptoe.
    11. AnnieStar, I'm not sure, on my screen it show they're on mini section. It might have been fixed. I just did a search for Chimera Doll though (I've been craving a new doll that is highly poseable!) I think I really like Bat and Birdie the best but I was hoping to see more owner photos.
    12. I would love to see more owner photos of these! I've never really seen a closed eye doll I liked until Mole, and now I am considering one. I snooped around on Instagram and could only find one owner photo of that sculpt with a faceup (she looked great).
    13. Nina dolls are incredibly adorable! ⊂(◉‿◉)つ
      As far as I know, not all dolls have come from the factory. Among them may be more Moles. I really hope to see more photos from their owners.
    14. Does anyone have any idea what her lead times are like? I looked for a waiting room for this artist, but since this thread is fairly new, I'm guessing one doesn't exist yet?
      I think she's currently receiving dolls for the last pre-order, but I cannot determine from her Instagram when that happened. I saw on another post that she may be opening pre-orders again in November (guessing this is based on the workload for the dolls she's receiving right now). I'm very new to the hobby but I'm thinking about just going for it on the next pre-order! Just curious what I'd be in for.
    15. trollbus, waiting for 4 to 6 months
    16. I was able to order a doll with two face plates from Nina's last preorder. This time the number of dolls was less than with the first preorder, so the time to wait is shorter. I ordered Birdy and additional face is Mole. Love her sweet sleeping face. Skin #2. So excited for this doll.
    17. unboxing chimera Birdie
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    18. I am lucky to have a Mouse in light skin. Now it is on her spa so I will show you my sweetheart soon)
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    19. [​IMG]
      Hi everyone. This is my fantastic Chimera doll ,Tiger/Fox faces. Came this month after a long long time waiting. .
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