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Nine9 Style 4th Anniversary event

Nov 1, 2011

    1. Hello
      December .03 is our company's 4th anniversary.
      Event period : 11/01~11/30
      Draw for winners : 12/02
      Take the chance of drawing a lot.
      Fist " Hara" 60cm doll (make-up ready doll, eyes and extra foot parts included.)
      second : " Isabelle" 42cm doll ( make-up ready doll, eyes and extra hand parts included.)
      being offered to the luckiers among he purchasing customers of domestic and overseas, ebay during Nov.<br>




    2. I'm confused about how to enter, are we entered automatically when we purchase anything?
    3. I think so, it says
      "Being offered to the luckiest among the purchasing costumers of domestic and overseas during November"
    4. Yes, according to the logo - it is for customers who purchase during November.
    5. More explanation may be necessary.
      All the purchasing customers enter automatically.
      One purchasing gains one chance to enter.
      1st priz for one person;
      2nd prize for one person
      Thanks for being interested.
      Good luck