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Nine9 Style Little Bunny Nine Discussion Thread

Dec 3, 2016

    1. This is a discussion of the Little Bunny Nine dolls (21.5cm) on the Nine9 Style website.

      Company Website:
      Nine9 Style (clothes of ball jointed doll, BJD)

      Bunny Bunny - bunny bunny - Welcome to joyful online shopping!

      DoA databases:

      Little Bunny Nine discussion threads:
      * part 1: Nine9 Style Little Bunny Nine Discussion Thread

      I recently ordered a Little Bunny Nine Potpourri (style A)! I'm really excited about her. ^^ I have a feeling she can wear some off-topic doll clothing that I have, which is a real plus.
      #1 PrincessEv, Dec 3, 2016
      Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
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    2. I'm so glad you started a discussion for these little cuties! I just ordered a Potpourri myself but in the B style!

      Did you get her with the clothes set or on her own? I went for the clothes set since it was so cute! :D
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    3. I purchased her without the set, but I may go back and shop for her later. ;)
    4. Sorry for the double post but I bought an off-topic doll's wardrobe case, which so far is perfect for my incoming girl! Very happy about that. Any news on your Little Bunny, @Arin ?
    5. The wardrobe sounds like a cute idea! I have a little pile of off-topic doll clothes ready in waiting for the Little Bunny's arrival but I'm not too sure about what to do about shoes just yet.

      I'm hoping processing won't take as long as the 90 days Nine9 has on the sales page, but it is getting closer to the holidays...
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    6. I have been following that person, too, @ClarasCraft ! The glitter they added to the eyes was a nice touch. :)

      edit: I see where there will be a delay in shipping from December 19th to January 7th. Ah well!
      edit 2: Doing this again so I won't have to double post...

      Not sure if anyone noticed the recent announcement, but I will copy and paste it here:

      "After a long discussion, Nine9style will going to separate Clothes and doll parts as a different company.

      Untill December 31th, customers can order Nine9style doll(Sheepnine, Bunnynine and little bunnynine)from Nine9style.

      After December 31th, customers can order same dolls from separated company.

      Doll&Cloth sets can be ordered until December 31th.

      Nine9style will handle all the orders we receive until December 31th.

      I will appreciate customer's big attention to Nine9style doll's last order.

      Thank you so much for your time."
      #7 PrincessEv, Dec 14, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
    7. Anyone know anything further on the Nine9style "separated company" that they were talking about?
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    8. I wonder what the "Grow Bunny" will be....
    9. Grow Bunny will be their new 42cm line. I don't have any more information other than that, sadly.
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    10. @PrincessEv, you've been marvelous, way more info than I had! Best wishes :)
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    11. @Deb@Play Most of this stuff I learned from the larger bunny thread, so I can't take too much credit! But thank you, and best wishes to you as well. :)
    12. Sorry for the double post, but it appears that the website is sold out of Little Bunnies and there is no indication if or when they will be available again.

    13. Aww, I hope they'll restock... I fell in love with one of their dolls :eek:
      Did you receive your Potpourri yet?
    14. I never responded to this. Sorry! I received my Potpourri in February of 2017. I no longer own her but she was lovely. ^__^

      FYI to anyone interested, Dolkus still sells these, probably because the Korean site does.
      edit: Dolkus no longer sells them...
      #17 PrincessEv, Jan 2, 2018
      Last edited: Apr 11, 2021
    15. They're sold out on Dolkus too... :(
    16. Does anyone still have one of these girls? I would love to see some pictures!
      Also if anyone could answer my questions that would be great!
      What clothes/shoes can they wear?
      Do they feel delicate or like they could break easily?
      They just seem so tiny and fragile to me!
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