Limited Items :+:[Nine9style] New doll Sheepnine Snowqueen Iris & Iris Dreaming dolls, and Snowqueen dress set:+:

Feb 18, 2016

    1. :+:[Nine9style]New Sheepnine
      Snowqueen Iris & Iris Dreaming dolls, And Snowqueen Dress set:+:

      Nine9 Style (clothes of ball jointed doll, BJD)


      New Sheepnine girls(58cm), Snowqueen Iris & Dreaming Iris girls are updated!!

      Pretty face & Almond shape eyehole is Iris's attractive point.
      Chubby cheeks makes Iris looks more lovely too:XD:
      This limited Snowqueen special dress set for Iris is elegant and fluffy special dress set for winter.
      The combination of white and gold colors give this set a Feminine and gorgeous feelings.

      This Snowqueen line is Pre-order, time-limited set. Customers can order this set in limited time only.
      * Pre-order period: 16. Feb 17th(Wed)~ 16. Mar 13th(Sun) Around 3 weeks.

      We sell special dress set separately. Dress set is also limited item!
      Snowqueen special dress set's compositions is listed below:
      Detachable fur hood cape, One-piece,petticoat, Lace socks, mink ball broach(5 pieces in 1 set)
      Dress set may discountinue earlier if we have trouble with supply of Fabric or subsidiary material.
      Customers can order dolls until pre-order ending day-16. Mar 13th(Sun) even though special dress set is sold out.
      Eyes are from ChipmunkArt. This eyes are specially produced only for Iris snowqueen ver..
      Bobbed hair wigs & Hime cut wigs are limited color only for snowqueen Iris.
      Special make up is only for Snowqueen Iris too.

      *Only Iris buyers or Iris default dress buyers can buy limited color wigs, eyes, and shoes.*
      *Only Snowqueen Iris/Dreaming Iris buyers can order special make up for them.
      Head is not sold separately.*


      Snowqueen Iris with her dress on.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Dreaming Iris with her dress on.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      This special dress set fit with DD size too.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Composition items of Special snowqueen dress set.

      For more picture, please visit our online store:love:

      Iris doll: Nine9 Style (clothes of ball jointed doll, BJD)

      Dreaming Iris doll: Nine9 Style (clothes of ball jointed doll, BJD)

      Snowqueen special dress set: Nine9 Style (clothes of ball jointed doll, BJD)
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    2. Won't you sell only wig separately?
    3. I'm so sorry;(
      wigs are sold only for Iris buyer or Snowqueen dress set buyer.
      Thank you for your interest!;)
    4. Is it possible to add the default shoes for purchase with the outfit?
    5. Thank you for your notice, we've change our mistakes!
      Now you can buy default shoes if you purchase Snowqueen dress set!
      Thank you so much!
    6. Once the sell is over, you won't sell any of the wigs anymore?
    7. No, We will not gonna sell this wig anymore after this special set is over.
      This wigs are limited color only for Snowqueen ver. Iris;)