Update [Nine9style] New updated clothes!

Jun 2, 2016

    1. :+:[Nine9style] New updated clothes:+:


      Nine9 Style (clothes of ball jointed doll, BJD)

      Lots of BJD clothes are updated!!!XD
      Please refer the information below the pictures for detail of updated clothes!!
      Of cource, we have planty of more beautiful pictures in our website!;D​


      Pearl dress set For SD16, SD13, MSD(+Holiday) and Bunnynine Girls!

      For SD16, SD13, MSD(+Holiday) and Bunnynine Girl:
      Long knit cardigan (Khaki beige, Pink)
      Knit vest & Flower Ruffle Dress(Navy,Brown)
      Stiff mesh long skirt (Black, Grey, Pink, White)
      Pleated Chiffon Long skirt (Black, Grey, Pink, White)


      For SD17, SD13, MSD(+Holiday) and Bunnynine boy:
      Long knit cardigan(Black, Grey)

      For SD17, SD13, MSD(+Holiday), Bunnynine and Yo-SD boy:
      Basic MTM (Blue, Grey, Pink)
      Rollup Skinny Pants (Blue Jean, Black jean)


      Only For Yo-SD
      Basic hood T(Grey, Pink, Navy)


      Only for little bunny
      Sailor dress set(Mint, Pink)
      Fluffy Furry bunny set
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