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Ningyotan BJD Australia - New & Restocked Items & now agent for Doll Mansion

Jul 8, 2009

    1. 8.5.10 - Ningyotan announces now agent for Doll Mansion products
      Doll Mansion have lots of BJD accessories, shoes, furniture & clothes. I'll be slowly adding products over the next few weeks but because they have so many it will be a long process.Anyone, who's interested can skip ahead and just check out the DOLL MANSION WEBSITE. Send me an email with the products you'd like to order and I'll make those products available on the website for you to add to your cart. My first order will only be small as I'd like to check the quality of the items. Also, they require multiple of each item to be ordered so if customers order 30 different items between them, that means I have to actually order hundreds, which I do not wish to do, so I may close preorder after just a few orders and that pattern will be repeated each order. Otherwise, I'm going to end up with far too much stock for the Australian demographic

      6.5.10 - Coolcat Order In!!!!




      5.5.10 - Artetje 100/0 brushes back in stock but only limited amount after filling preorders.

      Mosica is discontinuing alot of their clothing lines so there's a limited amount of items in stock.


      7.2.10 - Mr Super Clear Flat & UV Cut Flat back in stock. 11 cans of MSC UV have been sold in the last week.

      Australia buyers only


      New Year's Coupon - Guess Doll 20% off PREORDER
      20% of all Guess Doll preorder items runs until the 17th Jan 2010. In stock items are not discounted.

      Promotion includes new designs also.

      Coupon will remove 20% off the GD order but if "in stock" items are bundled with your preorder items, the price will be manually overriden after order is placed back to the RRP, the preorder items will remain discounted.

      Coupon code is:-


      DS03050 - SD Only
      DS03051 - SD Only
      DS03052 - SD17, SD, MSD & YoSD
      DS03053 - SD17, SD, MSD & YoSD
      DS03054 - SD17, SD & MSD

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Resinsoul Ai & Mu Components Added

      The following components have been added to the "Parts" category.
      - Mu's body price is $165US ($20US for body blushing, $10US for leg blushing)
      - Ai's body price is $160US ($20US for body blushing, $10US for leg blushing)
      - head price is $70US ($10US additional for faceup)
      - horns are $20US per set (inc free makeup if customer wishes)
      - hooved legs are $80 ($10US additional for blushing, $10 for colored resin)
    2. 7.1.10 - Resinsoul Ai & Mu Hooved Dolls - discount price ending 13th Jan 2010 - $168US each
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      17.11.09 - Monique Wigs now in stock - 109 wigs across sizes 4" - 9.5/10"

      Click HERE for the full range

      109 in stock ranging from 4" to 9.5/10"
      I'd heard about the quality of the "Gold Collection" but upon seeing one I'm more than impressed. This is the softest, silkiest, prettiest fibre, I've seen, they call it synthetic mohair, you'll be so impressed with it I'm sure. There's a massive 6 page thread on Den of Angels with pictures of so many types as Monique sadly do not provide pictures of every wig in every colour!! N.B. The "Trix" wig is standard synthetic fibre and not part of the "Gold Collection"

      There's 8 styles to choose from across the sizes and they are all 15% off the Australia RRP.


      Click HERE for the full range

      16.11.09 - Fdoll range all reduced in line with company RRP.

      Eyes were $16.50US now $12US

      Boots were $31.50US now $25US

      Vests were $11US now $7.20US

      Wigs were $17US now $14US

      SD Bodies reduced from $167US to $150US

      SD Heads reduced from $42US to $35US
      Tiny Heads reduced from $34US to $28US

      SD Dolls with Default Faceup reduced from $239US to $210US
      SD Dolls with Custom Faceup reduced from $249US to $220US

      Tiny Dolls with Default Faceup reduced from $125US to $108US
      Tiny Dolls with Custom Faceup reduced from $135US to $118US

      11.11.09 - MSC UV Flat is out of stock again, taking preorders!!

      29.10.09 - MSC UV Flat is back in stock for our Australian customers!!!

      *** 3.10.09 ***
      A custom FDoll range is in for the store finally!! Some beautiful faceups that are completely new and lots of clothes, shoes & wigs (more to add still)

      SD dolls are here - 6 custom faceups
      Tiny's are here (but galleries not fully up yet)

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      *** 10.9.09 ***
      New Dragondoll 72cm body is here
      Check out this post for info

      *** 31.8.09 ***
      After much thinking back and forth and quite a few enquiries from people it's now confirmed that Ningyotan BJD Australia will now take layaway!!

      For dolls, 2 month term with 20% deposit and either weekly or fortnightly payments through Paypal (no fees) or bank deposit. Neither the deposit or any part of the payments are refundable, the order is a contract, this isn't a layby ^__^

      For any other items over $40US, 1 month layaway with 10% deposit and weekly payments.

      Layaway can be extended if regular payment pattern has been adhered to.

      Layaway can be used on in stock or pre-ordered items (although be aware with some companies orders aren't regular so you could have a wait)

      *** 22.8.09 ***
      This week @ Ningyotan BJD Australia!!!

      * The IN STOCK category has been divided into sub categories to enable much easier browsing!!!
      * Limited amount of Fantasy Doll MSD bodies in, out of stock @ Fdoll & selling for old RRP of $130US, remember WS matches Luts BW and NS matches Luts RS, so this is the cheapest way to make your Minifee or Luts MSD hybrid.
      * I've got a few unusual styles from Mint on Card & also 4 "Spite & Malice" fur wigs in stock (they are extrememly high quality fur, the best I've seen), I don't plan on reordering any of these for quite a few months
      * From Mint on Card, I have some awesome novelty BJD LOL shirts in SD , messages are "Some Assembly Required", "Highly Strung", "Floating Heads Scare Me", "Made in Japan", "Made in Korea" & "Made in China", they are only $11US each and postage is $0.95US.
      * Lastly, there will be a competition running for product reviews now that I've sent a few orders out, each review done will score an entry to the mystery prize!! This will be a regular thing.
      Hello all,


      Now there is an official website and the blog will no longer be used


      Australia based agent for:-

      • Dragondoll
      • Resinsoul
      • POPO Doll
      • Coolcat Japan
      • Mosiac Clothing
      • Guess Doll
      • Monique

      Also stocking Mr Super Clear UV Flat
    3. The new Dragondoll 70cm body is available for pre order and it's a gorgeous sculpt!

      The Resinsoul preorder is closing at the end of this week. Anyone interested or semi interested in a doll, head or body, please contact me. I have a number of preorders already and need to pick a few dolls to make up the minimum order and will just pick them at random if no one shows a partial interest.

      The Mosiac clothing preorder is also closing this week.
    4. Does Dragondoll WS match Luts WS?
    5. The new Dragondoll 72cm body is available for preorder and it's a beauty!!

      • Penis does rotate
      • Penis is removable
      • There are two different sizes available but no pictures yet
      • There are other hands besides the clenched fist but no pictures yet

      Product link here here

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Resinsoul preorder is closing at the end of this week, get your orders in!!
    6. ...He has a movable wang, doesn't he? XD
    7. Can you tell me how wide the shoulders are (including the arms)? I don't see that measurement on your site and it's a very useful one for me. Thanks!

    8. Yes penis rotates & comes off
      Yes there are two sizes

      Photos not available yet

      @The Elf Piper - waiting on an answer still!
    9. I think your cute message about hoping the "shoulders" are big got deleted!!

      The shoulder measurement is 16cm :)
    10. Big update for the store, you'll notice LOTS of new items in stock now including a custom doll range!!

      Check out the opening post here
    11. (moving this here) How long does it take if you put something on preorder, usually? (also, how much is shipping to US for maybe 1-2 outfits?)

    12. Preorder for Guess Doll & Coolcat are regular. Fdoll order has been done, wont be done for a little while now. Dragondoll will be at least 2 months.

      Resinsoul, Mosiac & Guess Doll all have current orders in process, I could add to them for you.

    13. I've been having trouble viewing the site, it keeps saying broken link. Is maintenance going on?
    14. Hiya,

      Which link isn't working? We did have wild weather yesterday it could have caused some outage. This morning it seems to be behaving as normal.


    15. Any time I try to visit the site (via your signature or links), it just says link appears broken. its still not working. :<
      (i might add to my order, if thats alright.)
    16. I haven't had anyone had trouble getting on the site, do you have an netnanny type programs on the computer or are you behind a University or Work firewall? Being that some of the doll's pictures show their full anatomy, perhaps the website has been blocked?

      Anyhow, you can certainly add to and make orders through the PM system and I can do the order for you. Just make sure you give me your real name in the PM, so I can match you up with my customer database!


    17. its not working for some reason still >A< ugh! I just keep getting a "Oops! This link appears to be broken." message. Nothing is blocking it, it just keeps saying its broken. Then asks if I want to search for "kid ili webcity au ~nin47681 admin catalog".
    18. Damnit, as soon as I find this great site, the MSC goes out of stock. :(
      Do you have any idea of when it might come back in?

      Either way, I'll definitely be buying some things from here. :)