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Ningyotan BJD Promo - a gift with every item (e.g. buy 5 get 5) ends tomorrow 25/11

Oct 17, 2009

    1. Discussion thread here
      *** 25.10.09 - Change to promo ***
      Ningyotan BJD will run a very special promotion in conjunction with our proud partner "Guess Doll". Ningyotan BJD is very proud to stock Guess Doll products and would like to promote them to the BJD market. They are beautiful clothes and very reasonably priced.

      EVERY piece of clothing purchased from the Guess Doll SD, SD17, MSD & YoSD range earns a free gift.
      E.g. You buy 5, you get 5 gifts!!!
      Item will be random but you choose gift size, type and gender (if applicable)

      Guess Doll range direct link

      Click picture below for bigger view


      • Promotion will run for approximately 4 weeks and end at midnight on Wednesday 25th November (N.B. Promotion may be extended)
      • Applies to all sized items (SD, SD17, MSD or YoSD)
      • Applies to both in stock items and preorder items
      • Item will be random but you choose gift size, type and gender (if applicable)
      • Any preorder items ordered along with the gifts for each customer will have an approximate wait time of 2 - 4 weeks as Guess Doll usually make items to order
      • Customer is responsible for all postage costs
      • In the case of ordering items in stock, customer will have the choice to wait until their free gift arrives from Guess Doll before package is sent or have the in stock items sent first, then the gifts later (N.B. Customer will be responsible for 2 instances of postage in this case)
      • In some cases, due to promotional demand your item may not be in stock with Guess Doll, you will be offered an alternative of the right to withdraw that item from your order
    2. Last day tomorrow!!!