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Nino Doll Woo.U

Mar 26, 2007

    1. Finally a new MSD head! And what a handsome head it is. I might have to seriously consider this little guy!

      atrika, there is no English site, although Sienna/visavis runs an English order page. Ninodoll makes heads only. Her previous heads are supposed to be a match for Volks normal skin, so I suppose this head should be a match, too. Hope that helps!
    2. If the body is close to volks skin color, does anyone think a Dollstown Elf (soph) body would work+ a little modding?
    3. I was thinking of that for my Bada head as a matter of fact. (Bada seems to be about 7.75" at a guess...)
    4. oh thanks! i just ask just to make double check XD what I mean a match is interm of size :)

      he looks slightly mature, and remind me of MNF ruth!
      maybe thats just me XD
    5. Their normal is supposed to match Volks, so I don't know if a MNF body would work since Luts' normal tends to be really dark and really peach.
    6. The one mnf body i have is pale, hmmm =.= hope a mature body will match.
    7. Has anyone figured out what bodies work besides volks pureskin? I need a mature body for him =.=
    8. They don't have their own bodies--they're just heads. The doll in the link is Momo and that head is SD sized. This might help you (it gives all the head sizes): http://bjd.in/ninodoll.html
    9. Anyone know the diameter of his neck hole?

      If he can fit on a Limho body I MUST have him. lol
    10. I'm not entirely sure. I know it's smaller though from what other say.
    11. I have a Woo.U head from Visavis (using my old account sometime last summer) and I love him to bits! He doesn't have a name or a body yet but he definitely is my adorable little Korean boy. I can't wait to not be broke so he can finally have a body.

      And he reminded me of Jae, too, but that's probably for a reason.. ninodoll intentionally sculpts some of their heads to resemble Korean idols - you can identify some of the member of Super Junior in their other heads as well.

      Jaejoongmyhero - Unfortunately his resin would not match DOD's at all. My DOT boy is BRIGHT WHITE in comparison to my Woo.U head. He looks pretty pale on the Ninodoll website but not nearly pale enough to match in person. If I can get my camera to work I can take comparison pictures if you'd like.

      I don't own any CP dolls so I can't really compare resin, but I was also considering getting him a minifee body so that he would be roughly on scale with my Sist (whose resin he matches pretty closely, not that that's helpful at all. -.-). When I had his head shipped away for a face-up I had the artist compare him to her minifee shushu, and she said that his head seemed to be on scale.
    12. AHHH! I. WANT. THIS. HEAD. Does anyone know WHEN visavis will be opening sales again this year? she said that ninodoll would be doing it again this year but like i don't know when and the wait is killing me >.< . . . ah well. it will happen eventually and until then my boy can go on blind dates! XD heh. i was thinking about putting her on a Minifee white body and if her already pale face wasn't white enough i would either just accept it and love her for the strange little being she is (which would be great) or just like blush her face white . . . but i ABSOLUTELY want the minifee body. i hear great things about it's posing and it looks magnificent for her little sprite insanity of a character! ALRIGHT! any news or rantings at all on the subject would be MUCH appreciated! i haven't heard much about ninodoll at all on the forms for a bit!