Ninodoll Discussion

Jul 1, 2005

    1. Can anyone confirm for me whether or not Nino Doll accepts international orders, and if not, what would be the best way of going about getting hold of their heads? I really like them and would like to consider putting characters in them in the future.

      1) Does anyone know if their resin more closely matches Volks resin or CP, etc?
      2) Are the dolls standard editions which can be bought anytime, or am I going to have to pounce quickly?
      3) I know Iz... but there seem to be two editions of him - normal-eye Iz and a dreaming version?

      I would really appreciate any help with this.
    2. Would love more info on these too. They got me curious. o.o
    3. 1) Does anyone know if their resin more closely matches Volks resin or CP, etc?
      Apparently different batches seem to come up matching different types of resin - I remember someone saying that they had an IZ that matched the CH body, but my IZ head matches CP body perfectly. And the neck hole was a perfect fit for the CP boy body - Volks neck is too thick.
      2) Are the dolls pictured standard editions which can be bought anytime, or am I going to have to pounce quickly?
      All Kawainino heads are done in limited run quantities - once they sell out, that's it, you won't be able to get them again. (Ando for example I hear was only 50 heads) I've heard that they sell very quickly in the Korean market when they come out, so yeah, pounce! XD Good luck!
      3) I know Iz... but there seem to be two editions of him - normal-eye Iz and a dreaming version?
      There is a dreaming Iz, dreaming Anna and dreaming Ando.

      I'm not sure if Ninodoll take int'l orders, you could email and ask... >_< good luck with it Lyn!
    4. I have an Anna head staring at me, all sad and body..iless. Anna isn't a standard head(That I know of.)--I found mine through the Marketplace here(Mad, mad love for dishlaga.).

      I was curious about resin matches as well, for when I can afford a body. ^_^;
    5. Oh my word. :o

      The middle doll looks exactly like my chracter Kip.
      I think I'm going to faint.

      Please someone find out if they ship internationally, the probability of an English site etc.
      I am very interested.
    6. Well, that middle one was down the bottom of the order page, so I'm assuming he was one of the early molds - ie, he won't be coming back in stock unless she does a re-run. >_<;

      ... and nolimenoscurvy! *hits self on head* I think you're right! It is Ando... Oh, I'm so stupid. I should have seen that one, seeing he's not any of the other dolls pictured in the shop. lol. He looks really different in different face ups though!

      (and, if he is an Ando, sorry Wrapped, there were only 50 of those heads made. :oops: )
    8. I just ordered Momo's head, u will need to use a Korean shopping service for that. I am planning on putting the head on a CP body.

      Will post pics when it arrives..

      I know Sher has an IZ head on CP Lishes body and she says it matchs nicely..

      For the mean time only Sleeping IZ and Momo heads are available to order. All othe heads including the most sought after Ando are out of stock and u could only get them on secondry market..
    9. Twinkle - who did you use to get Momo?
    10. I would like to know, too - I would love to get Momo.

    11. I asked Sienna to help me.
      I know she is abit slow in replying, but at last I got through to her and paid.
      Now it's the annoying waiting period.

      You may want to go through her board

      Good Luck :)
    12. I'm super duper in love with Ando, but I wanted to try a LH that gonna work? I love the masculinity of the LH boy bodies, but I think I read somewhere that they are shorter then the CP ones. Can anyone give me some info on this? Ahh, it's gonna be tough, but I'm on the prowl...
    13. Has this site been added to new section - very stunning and amazing sculpts.

      I added an order for momo too at she is adorable as are her cute teeth! such a nice detailed sculpt and she looks very different from one picture to another in the gallery which is fun. So everyone will be quite unique.

      So we are thinking she will work with a cp girl body and a volks girl SD body? as I have volks girls I think it would be fun to have a Lutz body for a change, small bust if there is one its been so long since I looked at the lutz site.

    14. I read through some previously posted stuff, and know that Kawainino molds sit SD/SD13 bodies. I'm looking to start saving for a boy body for my Anna head, and wanted to know if anyone had any information on what companies had a good resin match.

      Thanks! :3

    15. i have an iz head on a lishe body and the resin match is as near perfect as it gets... I don't notice even a slight bit of difference.
    16. I have a kawaiinino IZ head on a PURESKIN normal volks SD 10 boy body and I can't tell the difference... XDDD
    17. Oh shit that Momo head is sold out

      I left a order message for Sienna and she took a long time to reply and finally tells me its sold out. Says have to wait till next order period I wonder when that will be?

      Does anyone know another service other than Sienna I need someone that can order fast next time as if days go by as happened this time it can be too late.

    18. I have an Ando on a pureskin sd13 boy body, and the head is noticeably pinker than the body *in photographs*. It's hard to tell just looking at him... This is the second sd13 body I've had, also pureskin, and they've both been yellower than the KN resin. ^^; I want to try a CP body sometime in the future.

      Volks and CP being spoken for, I've heard of someone using a CH body (!!) and having a good match.. Kawainino resin does vary. :oops:

      There's a bit of chat about the same topic here:
    19. I was the one who used a CH body! It was a perfect match to CH regular skin, but as others have said, the resin color can vary from batch to batch. :grin:
    20. Sienna just email me .. I am not getting Momo :cry:
      She is out of stock ...

      I soo wanted her .. I've been graving for her for a month now ...

      eheee eheee ... Now I have to wait and hope that they produce her again :(