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Ninodoll new 3 heads

Mar 5, 2007

    1. New 3 heads were released from Ninodoll - well known as Momo, Anna and IZ
      I could find no threads about them here, so I'm happy to introduce. :) (Not sure if posted.)

      Head : 8.6 inch
      Eyes : 16mm

      Head : 8.7 inch
      Eyes : 16mm

      Head : 8.5 inch
      Eyes : 16~18mm

      In English, Bada means "sea", Mogwa means "chinese quince" and Seokryu means "pomegranate".
      As I heard, they are motivated by Korean pop group "Super Junior".^^
      Available on SD13 boy boy or other similar 60cm bodies.

      You can see more pics on their homepage.-> http://ninodoll.net
      *If you want to buy them, I'm thinking of taking the orders.

      I corrected the Sukryu spelling,,anyway the pronounciation is same.^^;
    2. Seokryu = Heechul!
      Pretty pretty Cinderella boy.

      oh, I see no price next to Bada. Is he sold out, or will he be released a bit later?
    3. Oh my they are so cute! What bodies do they match with? And how can we order them I can`t read Korean unfortunatly.
    4. Does anyone know what companies their skin tones match? Also, so they come in normal skin and beauty white?

      [edit] Ah, acexkeikai sort of beat me to it XD
    5. Will they also be limited to 50 like Ando and Iz?
    6. Bada is no longer availlable isn't it?
    7. available to order.^^
    8. Not sure... but Ninodoll usually takes orders 1~2 times and never sell again.
      As you know, Ando, Anna and Iz are not for sale again on the website.
    9. AWWW :( so sad! What is their price?
    10. the head doesnt come with a face up does it? can you request for one? cause it doesnt state on the website... =/
    11. yinG: You can request a face-up, I believe - ask Visavis for more details :) (I only asked in passing when I ordered via her, so I don't know any)