Preorder Ninodoll preorder 2016

Dec 26, 2015

    1. 2016 Ninodoll preorder will start on Jan. 1st.
      Please visit to Ninodoll
      The prices will be updated on the first day depending on the currency.

      And Ninodoll blog was changed to here.
      Thank you for watching.
      Happy New Year!
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    2. Do you mean you will have prices posted on the first day of January? Thank you!
    3. Sorry, I've not seen your post.
      The prices were updated on Jan. 1st.
      I usually do that because of currency.
      If you have other questions, please PM or email me.
      Thank you.
    4. This preorder was closed!
      If you haven't received any reply or an invoice from me, please PM me.
      Thank you!
    5. What is the wait time before shipping?