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Ninodoll 'Ruby'

Oct 15, 2007

    1. Do you know the neck measurement she would require? Or what companies the resin would match? Since it is the head being sold only...

    2. How do we order?

    3. look through this page, the order form's at the very end ;)
    4. Do you know what bodies ruby would fit?
    5. I would imagine a Yo-SD sized doll head, would presumably fit a YoSD doll body.

      As for the sale of the rest of the dolls, could a title be changed (added to) for anyone else wanting to know about the ninodoll sale?
    6. Sorry to be barging in there... But I've been trying to contact Visavis for 2 days now, and as the deadline is nearing, I'm getting a bit frantic. So, Visavis, if you come here, please know that I sent you a private message ^^;
    7. EDIT: Got Response. Paid. And Confirmed.
    8. i'm trying to order an Iz head, but there's no EMS charge to my country in the list, so i have no idea about how much will cost.
      I contact visavis but i think she will not see my email or pm in time O_O
      i'm so freakin' nervous!

      the orders will be closed on October 30th, Korea time?

      edit: yay. got response either. Let's bring Iz to home.
    9. Has anyone had any luck contacting visavis? I guess I won't be getting my Momo. Sigh.

      Edit: Got an invoice and paid for my Momo two minutes ago!
    10. The recent orders will be shipped around Nov. 24th ~ 26th.
      Thank you so much!
    11. Great! I'll be happily expecting my head.
      Do you know when the next order will take place?
    12. About 50% orders were shipped on last Friday and emailed with the EMS tracking number.
      But some emails were returned. Please check your trash box. T_T

      - All the orders including Woo.U head haven't shipped yet.
    13. Maybe next year..Ninodoll said no orders will be for long times.