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Ninodoll Woo.U

Mar 26, 2007

    1. Discussion thread here.
    2. When will we be able to order/pre-order him?? And for how long? ^_^
      I really think it's a very cute and pretty head, Nino has been making some amazing heads these past few weeks~! :aheartbea

      Sienna, do you know if the head would look good on a SD sized girlbody [of course modding the neck]??
      Or would the head look too small and weird on one?

    3. I'll taking Woo.U orders soon if possible.
      As I wrote, Woo.U head is MSD sized..so I think it looks little strange on SD sized girl's body.
      Anyway, I try to ask Ninodoll.
    4. when will you be taking orders? if I may ask? will it be soon?
    5. I'll open to take Woo.U orders from April 11 ~ April 18.
      And will update a page for the orders tonight(korean time).

      ps. I'll email all of you who email/PMed me about Woo.U!
    6. Hi Sienna!! Did you receive my mail? I'm worried....