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Apr 26, 2005

    1. There's an update on the Dollpa13 concerning something about SD13 and Nitro+

      What is this news? Could someone clear it up?
    2. The Nitro+ doll is actually done by Paper moon, they do the 1/1 size dolls (135cm for that specific one) ^__^
    3. Where, where....? *_*
    4. That is TOO COOL! :D :D :D
    5. yeah, that 1/1 dolls are cool, i just wish they had the glass or acrylic eyes and eyelashes :) then theyd be AWESOME :)
    6. oh my!!!! imagine carrying one of those around!
    7. Umm... So this large doll is not Volks, then? They are cute... Like really 1/6 dolls! :daisy
    8. They're cute, but I think I'd like them better if they actually had ball joints...I'm weird that way.

      Still...1/1 dolls....wow.
    9. 0.0 *starts saving*

      ~~ Good thing I know japanese... iftheres anything I can gleam( 1st year ._.;)

      Icna gleam, I'll tell you x3
    10. If anyone finds out an aprox. price, please let us know. not that we could ever afford one, but hey, we can dream, right?
    11. Upwards to 3,000 dollars. Theres a chibi one who's around 220 or so...
    12. some of them are ball jointed if you look at all the pictures :lol:
    13. hmmm they don't seem expesnive but can they move?

      Hihi I wonder iff they would be like suppa creepy iff we could change their eyes and stuff...like a reall human being..sitting or standing in your house..wmwhahahaha....I think me friends would freak out!!!

      Do they have dolls with less anime face but more like the realistic bjd faces??