Event NO GIFTS??GEM of Doll in-stock dolls 30% off and free shipping

Dec 14, 2017

    1. Hello everyone,
      Christmas is coming soon~~~
      We have generous gifts(IN-STOCK DOLLS) for you,and I think you will love them.

      Date from Dec 14th to Dec 25th

      *** The folowing dolls are IN-STOCK(brand new)
      *** You can order it by a very very low discount(the price is marked )
      *** All IN_STOCK dolls are free shipping (DHL or EMS)
      *** All orders here will be shipped before Dec 25th,2017(if you have any other shipping time,you can tell me.)
      *** If the IN-STOCK dolls sold out ahead of schedule,we will tell you.
      Thank you for your patience for scanning the event.
      Merry Christmas around the world !!

      Good study,
      Good love,
      Good career,
      Good end and a good start O(∩_∩)O

      More details : [email protected]
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    2. Is layaway available this time?
    3. Yes.You can lock this doll by layaway .And when you pay off doll,we will ship it.Thank you
    4. Hey there, Not certain if you're the same correspondent for the company or not but My husband has tried to contact Gem of Doll via E-mail (responding to the email he received about shipping her) and facebook (In the same conversation window with Gem of Doll where he ordered her) in regards to a hiccup in the order. We ordered Ares with her default wig (which appears to be very grey and have bangs) and received a wig in brown (which is well...brown and has no bangs). Its been a few weeks and we haven't heard anything. While I understand its the season to be busy with the holidays and all Gem of Doll has always had speedy responses (they've even liked a post he made on one of the facebook groups since he messaged them on facebook) and I'm hoping something has just slipped through the cracks.

      I would love to get in on this deal/event but I limit myself to making sure I have completed a transaction with a company before starting a new one and as of right now I'm(Well we, my husband and I) still waiting to hear back from Gem of Doll about the wig.

      Rokitchikin on this forum is my husband, but if more details are needed you can also contact me.
    5. Yes.You can lock this doll by layaway .And when you pay off doll,we will ship it.Thank you
      Hello dear ,
      We are sorry for the inconvenience.
      Usually we use facebook when we have new dolls or events(because of poor Internet speed) .We have received your e-amil and respond you for pictures what you received.If we shipped it really wrong,we will reissue it as soon as we can .Thank you .
      What's more, thanks for your advice, we will pay more attention to avoid such things from happening again in the future,and looking messages on the facebook asa soon as we can.
      Thank you for your patience.
      we will do better as we can to let you have a good shopping experience in the GEM of Doll
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    6. How do I get the discounted price when I order? I tried to put Ares fullset in my cart but she shows the $670 USD price. Thank you!
    7. Yes ,you can e-mail to [email protected] for more
    8. Hello dear
      You can send e-mail [email protected] for more.Thank you
    9. Hello dear,you can Submit Order,when we receive it we will change price.Thank you .you can also send e-mail to [email protected] for more payment method