No longer interested in a my favorite BJD company?!

Nov 6, 2016

    1. So Im totally over my favorite (now past favorite) bjd company. Literally a week ago I was obsessed with Fairyland minifees and have been for almost a year now. However, recently I've kind of gotten over them. I discovered a ton of cool dolls I like from companies with that are less expensive. The price of the doll is a huge factor for me especially since Im in college right now, and I honestly don't want to spend over $300 on dolls. (In some cases I might though.) I understand the price of a doll and saving up for it means a lot to some people but that's not the case for me.

      I still love the minifee sculpts but there's just other great dolls out there too and I want to give those dolls a chance. I want to branch out and have a collection of dolls from various companies. Basically I realized I don't only need to own minifees and I need to be more open minded.

      So I was wondering if anyone else has ever felt this way or has gotten over their favorite bjd company?
    2. I think it's great that you're now open to other sculpts. There are lots of really beautiful dolls out there!

      I've never really had the same issue as all of my dolls are from different companies. Fairyland makes some pretty dolls, but there are lots of other companies that I prefer more. I guess you could say I don't have a favorite company - I have many!

      What are some of the new sculpts/companies that you're looking at? :D
    3. Doll Chateau has always been near and dear to me but I have recently fallen in love with Atelier momoni dolls and also I have grown on minifee Chloe's sculpt. I still love doll chateau but I have seen so many other dolls that I want to give a chance since I wanna try doing face ups myself.
    4. I didn't start out with a favorite company but now I think I have two. I own one doll and have another on the way by one of those companies. They are Dearmine (the two I've actually bought) and Soom. I love fantasy sculpts and both of these companies have wonderful fantasy sculpts. Then I think Loongsoul might be a close third. And fairyland has pretty dolls but I think there are way more companies that are better and cheaper.
    5. my favourite company when I started was Angel of Dream so no worries over price there LOL - I seem to mainly prefer the budget companies and it's not due to their price I just like sculpts with more character and quirkiness than the very pretty brigade - although I like pretty too, as you can see by my avatar! But I only need one pretty. Initially I found myself wanting lots of basically the same type of doll, whereas now I don't really want more than one of each type.
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    6. Tastes and circumstances change, nothing wrong with turning to different companies and styles.
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    7. This.

      There's no rule that says you have to spend your entire time in the hobby liking just one thing.
    8. I used to LOVE Dollshe's dolls. However, their style has shifted from stylized to more realistic and I began to lose interest in them. I love the sculpts of many companies and so I hybrid the crap out of my dolls. I try not to buy too many dolls from the same company. Unfortunately for me, most of the companies I like sell their dolls for $400-$500!

      But, in my opinion, a lot of companies (Fairyland included) have a LOT of sculpts that look the same. I like to diversify. Even on resin color...I want a doll in every color whether that color is normal, tan, or GREEN!

      Long story short, yes, I have gotten over one of my favorite companies. Change is the only thing that is constant, after all!
    9. Yeah I just discovered Angel of Dream and Im so excited, I love a lot of their sculpts.:chibi I think I might favor budget companies now.
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    10. It happens in time, and that's ok!

      When I was new to the hobby, I adored Angel of Dream. I thought they were perfect, in sculpt, body and price. Now, while I do still like a couple of their sculpts and I do like their prices, I've found their posing leaves a lot to be desired for me, and their aesthetic just really isn't my thing anymore. I also used to think Minifee dolls were absolutely boring and overrated, but since I got mine, I've found she has a lot of really great features that most cheaper dolls don't (magnetic hands for easy dressing, neck mechanism so I don't need pliers or wire to pop her head on and off, good engineering for fun posing). Another big change is BlueBlood Doll. They used to be my very favorite company, and I still have SO much good to say about them--beautiful glow to their resin, gorgeous sculpting in body and heads, great posing, good prices, excellent customer service, pretty faceups--there just isn't anything bad except that they're too stylized to fit with my more realistic SD crew. They look almost like cartoons in a sea of real people, and the head/face proportions just look out of place in my crew. I still think they're just beautiful and their creator, Medusa. is one of the sweetest people I've met in the hobby. So I guess you could say I got over BBD, but I will still absolutely gush over the beauty of other peoples' BBDs! My current favorite companies seem to be Doll Chateau and Iplehouse.
    11. I would say Blue Fairy was my favorite, when I decided to switch to getting YoSDs I looked at the shiny Fairys first... but somehow, after looking at a lot of other companies, I just wasn't interested anymore? I still say they are a favorite to see others photos! Just not for me anymore. The other one I used to adore was Doll in Mind, however they have changed A LOT in 9 years, so I think it's more that they changed, over my tastes changing. Still stunning dolls, but not ones I want.

      I sort of got obsessed with LittleFee Dolls for a while actually. I love some of the sculpts, and Shiwoo was one I had wanted way back as a MiniFee. I ended up looking at tons of doll sites though, and I found my tastes have changed a lot! I still love the kinds of dolls I used to be drawn too, but I have different things that draw me in now! : )

      As luck would have it... the ones I like best are cheaper. xD I actually didn't pay much attention to the price, as I care more about getting the dolls I love most (Especially with hoping to stick to only buying 2-4 this time), but I'm happy it's less money! I'm finding a lot of the Chinese companies are really getting me! There are some really new interesting dolls, and while I still like a slightly more generic look, I like the differences they have from the companies dolls I'm used to owning.

      Lastly, I used to love having many from the same companies that I loved, now I'm enjoying the idea of having mine from different companies so they all look that much more different from each other. Though that may change if I love the two I'm planning to get so much that I want to stick to those companies... xD
    12. I totally get it! When I first got into BJDs years and years ago, Dream of Doll created the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen. They were stunning and I honestly couldn't imagine owning anything else! However, I recently packaged up my DOD Shall to sell her and I felt a twinge of guilt when I looked at her because honestly, looking at her sculpt I didn't feel anything at all. When I first fell in love with DOD I would get butterflies in my stomach and fawn over them for hours, but now I look at the site and feel the same way I do when I look at any other doll; "It's pretty, but they're just OK. I wouldn't buy them..."

      Knowing that I don't care for SDs has really influenced my love for them as well. I loved the DOT sculpts most, but they're just way too big for me, and knowing that is a huge turn off.
    13. I'm mostly the opposite. It's always been Customhouse for me. I have a few dolls from other companies, and I absolutely adore my new MYou big baby, but still the Baby Delf Gabriel calls to me over and over. I think it will always be them... I'm satisfied that Luts purchased the molds to give them new life.
    14. I was never a one-company person... but I do think that my general tastes have shifted a bit since I was first introduced to the hobby. I haven't lost interest in many dolls that I previously had a real interest in, but I have changed my priorities a bit, I guess. Mostly, though, I've just broadened instead of switching completely. Like, I still love Luts, and I like quite a few Fairyland sculpts and might go back to either company again in the future, but I definitely want to order from more different companies first. I don't need my collection to look coherent, since my dolls all represent characters from different stories/universes.

      It's a little frustrating to love so many different companies and artists and then to have such a small doll budget, but I do love how much variety there is, and at least it means I can get a lot of joy out of looking at other people's dolls-- dolls I might have previously thought weren't my style I more and more find myself enjoying owner pics of.
    15. I think it's great that you're branching out! I feel that it's good to take an interest in variation, versus feeling pressured to remain loyal to a single company. I don't care about my collection looking coherent, either. Different characters have different sculpt needs. Unfortunately, I tend to fall for pricier sculpts, but being on a limited income, my only option is to save up regardless of price.

      Good luck with your new collection!
    16. When I first got into the hobby 6 years ago, my favorite company was 5 Star Doll. I have 4 of their dolls. But recently my taste in dolls has taken a turn and now I am really interested in collecting Fairyland. I have a Minifee Karsh who I adore to bits, Minifees Chloe and a Celine on the way. I also plan to get a Minifee Woosoo elf and a Realfee Pano in the coming year. My collection had been mainly SDs, so the minifees are a real change for me.

      5 Star seems to have come to a sort of standstill as far as new sculpts is concerned. They still have some really cute and interesting dolls in the YOSD size, but I don't collect that size. I keep hoping they will come out with new sculpts in the SD or MSD size, but in the past year the only new doll has been one MSD girl. She's really pretty, but not that interesting. I go more for dolls with character, rather than just being pretty.

      Part of the reason I've turned my attention to Minifees is because I've started a new story that involves elves and a fantasy theme. My previous story was only human characters. I fell in love with Karsh and those adorable elf ears, and that changed everything for me. I still love my SDs and especially those that came from 5 Star (5 Star Tumnus is my "baby" and will always be my favorite), and am still working on their story, but I'm having a blast with my new story and the minifees.
    17. My favorite company upon joining the hobby was Soom because I loved the aesthetic and fantasy theme of their dolls. Their newer sculpts don't interest me as much as their older, "classic" sculpts, and after purchasing an Immortality of Soul character doll I was really impressed. I understand that the eyes were not from IoS, and I'm unsure if the outfit, wig, and shoes were done by IoS, but it was done to fit seamlessly with their doll and the presentation of the doll in the box felt like I was truly opening a beautiful collectible. I am still incredibly fond of Soom and their dolls, but they are no longer the "end all" company for me anymore.
    18. I've been the same way-- I was a Volks girl for YEARS & then stepped away from the hobby for a bit.

      When I came back, I took a great interest in Fairyland dolls, but now that I've gotten all of the Fairyland girls that I want, I'm looking back at Volks & getting into Ringdoll, too!

      Which companies have you found that you like?
    19. Soom, Impldoll, Akagi Doll, Angel of Dream, & Mirodoll. A couple of sculpts from each company have caught my attention. Im actually getting a Mirodoll Mika soon, she'll be my first SD!:chibi I also want a male SD from one of the companies I've recently found.
    20. Yep. I truly liked Ringdoll to the point I knew facts about the company no other people did because I was all over their Chinese social media profiles hahaha....

      Now I'm the same about Little Monica but I don't care as much about Ringdoll as I used to. Whoops.