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No more Dollshe (From Iplehouse Site)??

Feb 11, 2008

    1. From the site:

      How are you?

      We have to let know sad news to all customers who loved DollShe doll in the meanwhile.

      Iplehouse will have to receive the order for DollShe doll, until the end of Feb only.

      Also, concerning the photo for the sales on shipping mall, we will register until the end of Feb., and then will delete all.

      In future, you can purchase DollShe doll from the official site of DollShe.

      We are very thankful for all customers who purchased Dollshe doll through Iplehouse in the meantime, and also in future, it would be appreciated if you use Iplehouse continuously.

      Thank you very much.

      And here is the from DollShe president.

      Hi, everyone.

      This is DollShe Ki Yong from DollShe craft doll manufacturing company.

      In the meanwhile, we are very thankful for all customers who loved DollShe craft's doll.

      Until now, except for some heads made by DollShe, we will stop selling all.

      We promise that we would introduce again new sized new type & good quality doll.

      Through the official homepage, you can meet existing dolls made for a while and new sized dolls.


      Mods if this is in the wrong section my apologies ^_^