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Nobility Doll - Edward Moon

Jul 20, 2010

    1. yep sure is (even the name LOL) the clothes he's wearing are spot on for the film too!
    2. Ahaha..Edward 'Cullen' Moon..
      Now we don't have to do a MNM Go...XDD..

      Aside from that..he is handsome..
    3. I didn't notice the clothes were similar too. It's rather hilarious XD

      But wasn't there a big hoo haa about look-alike celebrity doll?
    4. Crikey, the resemblance is pretty strong! This one might enable me to bring my R-Patz mad BFF into the hobby. ;)

      Just for future interest, pics of the new 70cm body are Here. It looks really nice, though why are doll companies suddenly having a fashion for super veiny...nether regions? Aside from that though, I would be interested to see more posing pics as the only ones they have up, make him look like he has single jointed knees.
    5. No papilla good feel on the new body? I'm disappointed ;)

      I was wondering if they were up to some Twilight - doll when I saw the Eclipse like poster on their website a few days ago.
      Funny to see that they actually did it.
    6. That is just... *shudder* :horror::nowords::shudder

      I do really like the ears, but honestly, I'm not sure I would care for his sculpt even if Twilight didn't exist. I tend to prefer male sculpts that are less angular and sharply defined. Maybe if he had a different face-up?
    7. As soon as I clicked on the link I didn't open a full browser window, but when I saw the spiky style hair and the moon background, I knew it was going to be some sort of Edward look a like. The face doesn't resemble him at all, like Kymera said it's too long and extremely defined. The name, white skin, eyes and clothes may pull the die hards in as long as they don't mind the face mold/face up.
    8. *insert helpless giggling here* I was looking for it, too.

      It looks like he may still have the, er, propeller down below, though, or there seems to be a joint there.
    9. He doesn't glitter! This is the only thing that suprises me. xD
    10. There is also a "Wolf man" announced. (how surprising -_-)
      For me this is blatant stealing of a copyrighted character (and I don't even like Twilight). Can't they create their own vampires/werewolves?
    11. As soon as I saw the name Edward Moon, I knew it might be similar to Twilight.:kitty1
      I would like to see a straight on view of his face though.
    12. Agreed! Although if they try to stick a Jacob like face onto a very skinny body - I doubt that will go over well.
    13. Lol, I'm with you on this, but as an artist, copyright infringement drives me up a wall. I wish there was a way to actually get ahold of Meyer (ugh) and send her the link on this. I'd love to see the legal battle that ensues.
    14. Awful. Just awful. XD

      I loled on seeing the title and wasn't disappointed when looking at the company page.
    15. Oh good god.
      Any respect I would have had for Nobility Doll has just went down the drain.
    16. Oh, good lord! When I first saw the announcement, I thought the same thing: 'Sounds like Twilight". Clicked on the link, um, yep...interesting, Nobility, very interesting...and perhaps, stupid? Do they know how many lawyers will be on their butts just from Summit alone not to mention Stephenie Meyer? Eeek!

      ETA: I just saw the post on the Nobility site about the other 70cm guy...Wolf man J. Seriously? Sheesh :)
    17. On the other hand guys, there's still a lot of Harry Potter sequels being written in China. Doujinshi is published and sold alongside the official products its based on in Japan. Korea I am not too hot on knowledge of flaunting copyright, but I bet it's there! :D

      I am fairly sure that Asia is like copyright, lol whatevs. And frankly, if this means that Twilight fans can get a doll made for em, I don't mind, it doesn't concern me. It doesn't hurt anyone. Christ knows Meyer doesn't need any more money.

      Nobility doll are just marketing to their audience.

      In my city, there's a chain jewellry shop that has Twilight themed jewelery, a huge line of it. It's not cruddy knock off stuff, it's all 'inspired by', which is what I am sure Nobilitydoll will be claiming as well.
    18. Nothing a fan with a vat o' Pearl Ex can't fix, I'm sure. Man, this is hysterical. :lol:
    19. When Angell Studio took the Angel Sanctuary Manga designs to make their dolls, everybody was like "boo, boo, bad guys" And they took down the images, because everybody was right. Nobility actions aren't different. Why on earth will you think stealing a japanese character is bad, and not an american one??