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Nobility Doll - LIE _ Killer style

Apr 4, 2006

    1. He truly is... is he the first from this company? Never heard of it... I'm really interested in him, but I guess I would first like to hear some owner opinions.
    2. Price is not bad...wonder if it includes faceup? Probably not include outfit.
    3. Since he is being offered through Dollmore, a reputable company, I'm sure they have the doll in hand, so at least that worry of a new company is avoided.

      But I wouldn't say 'no' to a few more angles of shots (Profile!) and some nude or lightly draped pictures.

      He sure looks like the first of this company, or the first to be offered overseas.

      Ann in CT
    4. Lie is available also through Iplehouse.net - Alex
    5. I read this on Dollmore and I don't get it at all
      He's 57 cm and not considered Sd? Weird...maybe there's something I don't understand...and maybe I'm still too sleeping to get my head together.

      << body size >>

      - Eye size : 14mm (Diameter)
      - Tall : 57cm
      - Circumference of Head : 8inch
      - Circumference of neck : 10cm
      - Circumference of chest : 23cm
      - Width of shoulders : 13cm
      - Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist" : 18.5cm
      - Lenth of back : 14cm
      - Circumference of waist : 18cm
      - Circumference of hips : 23cm
      - Lenth of "from wrist to ankle" : 30cm
      - Foot size : 7.2cm

      * He isn't available with any SD boy bodies.
      His body size is between SD and MSD sized dolls.

    6. Maybe they're saying that his head (at 8") isn't compatible with other companies' SD-sized boy bodies (which tend to have 9-10" heads).

      He won't necessarily look disproportionate with other dolls, though, I have a whole range of head sizes and my crew still looks good together (Kumiho, who has an 8.5" head, looks fine with Jessamine, who's got a 9.5-ish head).

      The IpleHouse pictures show him with a different wig/face-up (not sure about the face, TBH), the Luts photos just show the Nobility promo pics. I'd *love* to see some bald/nude pics of this guy, because his proportions are really interesting.

      -- A :)
    7. Ok, so what kind of clothes can he wear? SD? SD13? It seems to me those would hang off him, since he is a tiny bit smaller than my 60cm Delfs.
    8. the Iplehouse website says " The whole body line is lengthen arm & leg from MSD body, and the shoulder is broaden.

      For the wig size, you can use it for MSD."

      so basically his legs and arms are too long for MSD clothes and the shoulders are too broad, but MSD wigs fit.

      clothes would be pretty hard to find....
      maybe more unisex styles of HappydollJunior clothes but these may be too big, or maybe Junior Ai, but I guess these would be too small.

      oh no look what he's wearing on the iplehpuse website! black with brown! noo!

      his face isn't my style, but that chin is lovely.
    9. So basically someone would have to make him clothes. Interesting. He's like a Dollzone doll..bit longer in the limbs than a Kid Delf or MSD.
    10. Yep, definitely says on the Iplehouse website:

      * Exchange of SD or SD13 sized clothes is not possible.

      Very intriguing, I love all these new dolls sizes! And yet... it's gonna be so hard to clothe them all! lol
    11. He's also up for sale now at Iplehouse (forgot to post sooner XD)
    12. Does anyone know if Nobility has a homepage?

      I'd give anything for a comparison picture. I think I'm in love. *.*

      But he is just a tad slimmer than DoTs. I think clothes that'll fit Dots will fit him, but may need a belt for his widdle waist and hips, it's little less than an inch off.
      His shoulders, arms, chest and back are close enough for goverment work. : 3