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Nobility Doll: Royce

Mar 1, 2009

    1. :O

      You're right, he's adorable! Very sweet and serious.
    2. Oh! He is very cute indeed! :D
    3. I'm totally in love with this boy - he is STUNNING. And absolutely perfect for a character I literally dreamed up recently. He'll be what I ask for for my birthday xD!
    4. I really like this sculpt, but I do not like Nobility's emotion body.. Is that the only male body Nobility makes now? Anyone know of another body this guy would fit on?
      Someone describes an "odd-sized" Nobility boy body in this thread and I'm pretty sure it's not the emotion body (there are no pics now); do they no longer produce this?
    5. Very lovely doll indeed; Nobility kind of took me by surprise! :sweat Not to say they're dolls aren't lovely, but I'm really digging the toned down faceup on Royce :D
    6. I kind of feel the same way, forlorn. You could always buy a body from another company?Nobility Doll says they made dolls to match Volks and be in proportion with Volks' SD13 body. A cheaper body that comes to mind is B&G.

    7. That's the original body that Nobility Lie came on, and I don't know if they still make it. It is kind of a strange size. Not quite as tall as most SDs, and very skinny, yet not as small as a mini. I utterly loved Lie as a head mold, and almost bought him several times, until I 'met' one in person. Just... couldn't deal with the body.

      I do like this new face, too, so I'll be watching with interest to see what people end up doing with him!
    8. They're totally handsome !!! I also like Scon he's so cutee ><
    9. ooooh~ i loooove Royce >___< i wish i could get him someday..
    10. Has anyone ever bought a Royce yet? It's on my wishlist, and I'ver very much like to know more about the company or any issues I might have to face with the doll (the only reviews I've seen on here are for the Nobility custom sculpts....but no one has reviewed their basic dolls for sale)