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Nobility "Ryoma" head (now at Luts)

Sep 2, 2006

    1. I didn't see a news thread for this, I only just found out about him in my friend's journal, so I hope I haven't made a duplicate thread.

      Ryoma @ eLuts (not currently at Iplehouse or Dollmore which carry Nobility Lie)
      This is a head only
      9.5 inches
      Normal resin is brighter than CP normal, but BW matches CP BW
      Takes 16mm-18mm eyes
    2. Does anyone know what body he has in the picture?

      It seems like it must be mini-fee, but the neck seems thinner or longer than the mini-fee bodies...

      Does anyone know for sure? (Sorry if this is an obvious thing - I've been out of the loop as far as dolls go for quite a while. -_-)
    3. Isn't it a normal Delf boy body? I thought the Ryoma head was SD/SD13 sized? (*is probably wrong*)
    4. Ryoma is quite big head, I think he'll fit to normal SD-boy body. Compared to my Dollfie Dream head ( yes, I know Dollfie Dreams are smaller than normal SD's) Ryoma is bigger. I'm going to put him to DiM boy-body, because of his lighter skin.
      I'll take pictures as soon as his body arrives.

      And I forget to mention that 16mm eyes are too small for him. I assume that 18" or 20" will fit better.
    5. Silly me! I totally didn't read the bit on the site where it said '9 inch' for wig size.:doh *cough* I thought he was a mini for some reason.