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Nobility SD Custom Muscular Girl body

Apr 6, 2012

    1. A thread for those of you who were part of Humbug's Nobility SD Custom Muscular Girl body Order or were lucky enough to get one of these brick-house ladies after the order.

      What fits? How are you improving her engineering and posing? Show us what head you use!

      If you have several pics or some posing shots, please link to them here in the Gallery thread for these girls: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...r-Girl-body.&p=8974120&viewfull=1#post8974120
    2. I just posted some posing pictures here. I hope they help people or at least let those who own this doll know they are not alone in their anguish.

      Those thigh joints make me cry.
    3. Yeah, if I were a crying person I'd be sniffling a lot over how much mod work it's going to take to repair this girl who has arrived "broken". Seams and engineering failure everywhere.

      On the happier side, her resin matches my Souldoll Killian mod head perfectly, and once I do fix her she's gonna look great. I have some very cool Celtic La Tene inspired body tattoos planned.

      Mod list:
      Fix those goshawful cut seams.
      Fix hips so that they work at all.
      Fix elbows that pop.
      Remove the poke-your-eye-out nipples, reblush back on.
      Do the finish sanding on the areas modded.
      Wire and blush.
    4. I think I have an idea for a mod involving a peg and groove system. I'm exceptionally lazy so I may not even look into it for a while. For now she's back in her box. She can sit really well so if I get a chair for her she may go out on display. The only chair I have for my doll is taken up by my massive Angelsdoll Shakan.

      It's interesting how easy it is to pose him and then going to try to pose something like the NobilityDoll body afterwards. Still, the two do look good together.


      My ultimate plans are to give the doll body and face deep gnarled scars. Her hands, forearms, feet and shins are scaled like bird feet and she will eventually have wings. Thankfully she doesn't wear shoes. Making the wings, her sword, and her gorget and pauldron are going to be a pain in the butt.

      I am still debating how to do the hair - the front half of her head is supposed to be shaved.

      Any way I look at it this girl is going to be a lot of work!
    5. Okay, here's the intended head for this body, which I have finally finished the work on:
      This is Fiachra, and she's a Souldoll Killian mod. The resin match is pretty much spot on, now to mod that poor body.
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    6. I've really enjoyed fixing her up minus all of her problems, I still love her to bits and am not about to part with her! As a modder I think it's fun to fix these things but if I was just a consumer I'd be mad xD....

      Has anyone come up with a solution for her knees so she can freaking stand? I'm also working on her popping joints....I already fixed her so she can sit without looking ridiculous and removed seams and gave her fingernails

      Has anyone tried 70cm/13 mobility hands on her? I'm guessing she'd need 70cm or at least 1/3 male. I'm tempted to get the claw dollzone ones for her later!
    7. What are her knees doing? Folding up?

      Cymorill has done a thread where she put knee locks on a doll whose legs kept folding, lemme see if I can find the link...
      Here's the knee fix
      and here's a more recent thingy about locks on knee or elbow joints by her as well.
    8. No one has been on this thread for awhile but wanted to ask anyone if they had the Nobility tan body? If so what doll companies make a compatible resin color. It only needs to be close..not exact match. I would be happy with close. Thanks, Jo
    9. Haha, this is going to be so goddamn interesting. I found one of these girls in the marketplace and completely fell in love. I bought her as a Christmas gift for myself (but she probably won't arrive until January).

      I only bought her for her body (sexist me), so I didn't care much about researching about her posing, but it's good to know that I shouldn't expect much on that end.

      Anyway, if there's still someone who owns one of these girls I would love to see some recent photos. Otherwise I will provide as soon as my girl gets to me!
    10. ohohoho, you are brave! Best of luck! I admit she looks pretty good but it's the mobility that's, er, fun. Honestly I did like the range of the arms once you make the stringing channels in the elbow bits smaller, but getting her to sit was an engineering fiasco. https://denofangels.com/threads/war...y-60cm-muscle-body.517037/?highlight=nobility
      #10 Rosslyn, Dec 21, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
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    11. I have one of these bodies and I love her! She's only been modded enough to sit a bit better (the front of her upper thigh was sanded down just a bit) and she's great, a bit different and I had to get used to her posing but she's really beautiful so I was willing to work with her lol
      I'm sure you'll be happy with her! I'm not great at photos but I can try to get a few if you would like, she has a impldoll sophia head currently but if I can ever afford it I would love an elfdoll vivian! Just let me know I can also compare her to a few similar sized girls if you'd like?
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    12. @Rosslyn thank you for sharing, I think you did a great job with what you had! We'll have to see what state my girl is in when she arrives, but it seems I most probably have some modding work in front of me *_*

      @djgigahertz funny that you mentioned elfdoll vivian, that is the head my girl has... and she is stunning :love and please, if you have the time to spare, take a few photos of your girl just so I can see how you've made her look, you don't have to worry about the quality, just as long as we can see the star ;)
    13. Aw thank you! I do recommend the wrist and elbow mods at least, because that'll give you better arm posing so even if she doesn't sit well she can pose her arms, and those mods are much less complex than the hip stuff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I can't wait to see your girl!
    14. Hello guys,

      she has arrived, this Monday to be exact, but at the moment she is in pieces as she was strung very weirdly upon arrival (legs very very loose and arms super tight) and I had to cut her arm cord to get her unstrung, she's very lovely though, the Vivien head is stunning and fits very well with the body proportions, but alas as @Rosslyn said she definitely needs some extra love and care (and sand paper) to become as good as she looks.

      The first step is to get new strings and s-hooks for her hands and feet and then sand paper for wet sanding her seams, wish me luck! :kitty1
    15. Well, I thought I share our current situation, heh.

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