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Nobility X-mas event& New cat doll Taro Launchinng event

Nov 26, 2008

    1. Nobilitydoll Christmas Present EventPeriod : Nov. 27th, 2008 to Dec. 31st, 2008-11-23

      Event 1. As Christmas presents, all the customers who purchase Nobility dolls will get a complimentary wig.

      Event 2. Throughout the event period, every doll buyer will get free shipmet service.

      Exceptionally merry Christmas with Nobilitydoll!

      * Complimentary products could be changed in case the stock runs out.

      Taro Launchinng Event!
      The first five Taro purchasers will get free everpurple eyes (hand-made quality resin eyes) worth 50 dollars.
      (Individually contacted)
    2. Will there be a non-limited Taro in the future?
    3. [FONT=¹ÙÅÁ]The date of release: Nov. 29th, 2008, 11:00 AM (Korean Standard Time)[/FONT][FONT=¹ÙÅÁ][/FONT]
      Of found the time of the event on your website.

      How will the buyer know if they got the everpurple eyes?
      Also are event 1 and two different date periods?
    4. Taro's are sold out already? Sheeesh! *major eye roll* How much were they?
    5. No, they go on sale in the 29th.
    6. Thanks for the clarification Miega!

      I am guessing they will sell for in the $350- 400.00 range. I am hoping for a nonlimited taro myself....
      Would love to have the limited set, but expect the price to be way over what I would consdier for an anthro.

    7. Yes, of course! They will come out soon. Thank you for your attention.:)

    8. Q 1. We will notify five winners on the notice board in our website.
      Q 2. Both event do have the same periods.