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Nobilitydoll : "My Ball Joint Doll"

Dec 31, 2007

    1. It looks like a service similar to Mini-Mees, based on the $0 price tag, I'm guessing it's not open yet. It seems a lot of shops are adding options like this but so far I *think* MiniMees are the only ones actually being produced- the rest all seem to be placeholders like this one. : /
    2. Note this one has multiple options...including the possibility of a "customized body!"

      Any idea what the "Nobilitydoll NEO" tag is?
    3. Boy, when NOBILITY says customized possibilities, the mind gets giddy---

      Although it IS nice to see someone going to be offering a choice of heights, including one shorter than average (57 cm).
    4. Well from their reply to me it looks like you send in pictures, etc of what you want and they send you a price.

      ETA: Sent in this image of Gambit. They quoted me $1,500 for option A and 5,000 for option D. hope that helps. He also sent me an example of a doll he's working on based on a Prince of Tennis character. I don't know if I'm allowed to share it though. And Neo is apparently the name the sculptor goes by.
    5. woo. Not cheap. I understand custom sculpting is a lot of work, but currently Minimee has the more competitive price, by far. The custom body is pretty exciting but beyond my means, personally.
    6. But you can get group orders... Can you imagine a group order of a BJD that has been customized from the ground up for you (and whoever you can get in the group order)?

      I wonder if "Neo" would do a Mermaid BJD...?

    7. If I had a lotta money to burn I would totally do that. Except do my own faceup. It looks good up to that point.
    8. Wow I like them so much more than minime, they retain more of the Asian aesthetic to me! The Prince of Tennis character looks exactly like the pics!
    9. Minimee's price is very competitive because 1) they were the first in the feild and 2) DIM has said repeatedly that they can only keep it up with a certain volume of orders, because for the work involved it is VERY cheap.
      Not to mention, the idea of a customized body is very nice, if they really made the whole body just to your specifications. I think with this version since they take singular orders the price is probably a very good reflection of what it actually requires to make bjds.
    10. Weirdest random thought in the world that won't get out of my head...

      Is their placeholder pic (the one with the figure dissolving into rose petals) from the movie poster for 'Poison?' Because it looks very very familiar to me for some reason.
    11. Hehe, it's actually from the movie "Perfume." ;)
    12. Ah, that movie is fantastically twisted.

      It's amazing that they provide a body option. Creating and sculpting a BJD is an extensive process as it is, but making them to exact specifications is mind-blowing, and well worth that price. Makes me genuinely appreciate the Minimee service, as well.
    13. I requested a quote for a tanned 57cm girl with a custom head sculpt based on a picture. It came out to about $880 for the blank head plus their default girl body. This is not including a custom-made wig, custom faceup or clothing. I sure hope they take layaway...!!

      I would go with DiM's minimee but they don't have a female body nor do they offer tan resin. Perhaps I should hold out until they do......
    14. It looks interesting but I would think it would take a long time per order, especially if there is only one sculptor. And as for what the buyer wants, that may add to the time and cost. I wonder how long it would take...
    15. Ahh that's great. As a consumer I love it when more "sellers" start selling a product I want. Like someone else I want a tan doll and I am glad to know there is that option available. Before I committed that much money though I would love to see more photos of work being done. I could be mistaken but it looked like at Domuya they have/will have something similar....?
    16. oh wow.... this seems well worth that price...
      especially with the option of tan resin...
    17. wow astig! I wish I can afford it. It's so expensive but I think the price is fair and worth it XD
    18. Interesting to find the price