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NobilityDoll Special My Ball Jointed Doll Event

Dec 27, 2008

    1. I don't know if this has been posted (if it has you can delete the tread or something) ^^ But here is what I found the latest new from NobilityDoll

      Special My Ball Jointed Doll Event

      We planned a event for our regular launch of Special My Ball Jointed Doll.
      The customers who purchase Special My Ball Jointed Dolls will receive three different gifts.

      Period : Dec. 27th, 2008 ~ Jan. 31st, 2009

      Gift 1 Free additional head of your order

      Gift 2 Acrylic eyes (Random color)

      Gift 3 A wig for 9-inch head

      Don't miss out this great opportunity to have your own customized BJD with New Year's gifts!
      We wish all of you the Best New Year ever!

    2. [​IMG]

      We make your own doll to suit your need or taste upon your request.
      The biggest attraction of this is that you can't find the same thing anywhere in the world.
      Wouldn't it be nice you to keep the miniature you as a BJD doll ?

      Nobilitydoll NEO


      * Email or send us pictures or images you want as many information as possible .

      * You can request anything like characters,animals,entertainers etc.

      * It will take 2~3 months to be completed.

      * All rights are reserved by Nobilitydoll.

      * Select one type among options below


      *Type A : a cutomized head only

      *Type B : a customized head + a Nobilitydoll body

      (57cm boybody, 63cm Emotional boybody, 58cm girlbody)

      *Type C : Full Set

      (Type B + customized wig, make up and outfit)

      *Type D : a customized head + a customized body

      *Type E : Full Set

      (Type D + customized wig, make up and outfit)

      If you need more information, free to ask at Q&A or email(nobility2006@naver.com)

      Special My Ball Jointed Doll Order Sheet

      (When you place an order, please e-mail us by making a copy and pasting the following. )nobility2006@naver.com

      Special My Ball Jointed Doll Order Sheet

      1. Customer’s name :

      2. Type of your order: Choose A ~ E Type

      3. The desired images of the front side, both sides and 45 degree sides:

      (Links to the images or file attachments will be good.)

      4. The images of customized wig, outfit, make-up you desire.

      (Links to the images or file attachments will be good.)

      5 .Your requirement or request :

      (Please mention what you want for your order specifically.)
    3. wow- I'm sure a lot of people will find this very interesting. Will you be announcing prices at all for the "minimee-esque heads"? Will you also be doing group orders?

    4. Thank you for your attention on this Special My Ball Jointed Doll project.
      It is quality minimee sevice. We offer maximum resemblance with your order.
      Group orders are available. Please visit our website anytime and ask for detailed estimate.

      Thank you!