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Nobilitydoll's 2nd photogenic contest!!!

Jul 26, 2007

    1. That's a great contest^^ But can there be 2 dolls on 1 picture??

    2. what exactly is rule 2...
      does it mean you can only have 1 doll in the picture..
      or does it mean the doll who has the most personality/looks apart wins?
    3. I'd guess it would be personality wins..it's got some tasty prizes;-)
    4. I think it means that only one doll per picture is allowed.
      It is a criteria, so I think they won't put things like "only pictures with much personality are allowed". . . Because that's a matter of taste. ;)
    5. So any doll can enter?.. even if it is not from nobility doll?
    6. That says 31st August, correct? That 3 read like a 7 and I was confused for a short period XD
    7. So it can be any doll and it has to be a photo with no touch up and only featuer one doll?

      Can more than one photo be entered?

      Might as well have some fun ^^ Need to work on photography skills anyway.
    8. Hey! Tasty prizes, indeed! I wouldn't kick one of those charmingly snotty-looking Lie boys out of my house. <3

      Yes, it sounds to me like:
      -1 doll per photo
      -you have to be the photographer
      -the doll has to be yours
      -no photoshop, or other retouching/manipulation
      -post your picture on the Nobility site gallery to enter

      But it doesn't say anything about how many entries per person, that I can interpret. (Unless that "has the individuality" phrase means 1 entry per person.) Anybody signed up yet & find out?
    9. it sounds like one photo for one doll

      well, I prefer one photo per person, it's more fair I think
    10. That's my question. O_o'
    11. you can enter even if your doll isnt a nobility doll doll
    12. o_O thats so weird that like any doll can enter @_@
    13. That's actually really cool! Man if prize #1 was a tan Lie I'd die!!
    14. So...no filters? *goes into photoshop withdrawal*

      Ok I can manage that.... (I have no sunlight so always have to retouch pics)