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Nobilitydoll's new doll "DEW"

Jun 26, 2007

    1. DEW(school look ver.1)
      For commemoration to make new doll, "Dew"(Nobilitydoll Lv. Cute)
      We will send a uniform of School look(made by dodos) and a miniature of telephonebooth(handmade) for free to only first 5 customers who make an order of "Dew"
      We hope that many people enjoy and join in these events.
      Nobility doll will approach to you with our lovely dolls.
      Thank you for your time

      DEW(school look ver.1)

      Lovely DEW... looks cutier and prettier than in the photo

      DEW wanna be your real friend...

      sculptor:Hong jin wu


      make up:fofo75

      Body size: almost 28cm
      eyes: 14~18 mm
      Wig: 6.5 inch

      -Dew head (6.5inch) + assembled body
      -18mm glass eyes (Random)
      -Exclusive Nobility doll box

      The customers who buy this doll during event can get an extra wig and eyes. (Random)
      Please be careful to order.
      It is impossible to cancel your order after you pay because this is customized.
      * It is assembled and delivered.
      * Shipping will be taken 15~1 month from your order.
    2. It actually includes the telephone booth?? WOW!
      So is that for the first 5 customers, or for 5 customers at random?
    3. It's for the first 5 customers... ^^