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Noble dolls Asella tinies: What Fits?

Mar 22, 2016

    1. It was brought to my attention that Noble Dolls Asella tinies don't have a proper "what fits" thread so I decided to start one.

      To start it off, I extensively measured my Rhubarb in the hopes it'll help, as I do believe most if not all of the ND tinies have the same body. It has been brought to my attention that some of these bodies are indeed different. I have measured the body belonging to Rhubarb/Radicelle, with the smaller bust, from JPopDolls.

      Height: 30cm
      Head size: 17cm
      Wig size: 5/6 for snug fit, 6/7 for loose fit
      Eye size: 8mm/10mm
      Shoulder width: 4cm
      Shoulder width including arms: 7cm
      Neck circumference: 6cm
      Chest circumference: 12cm
      Waist circumference: 9cm
      Hip circumference: 16cm
      Thigh circumference: 8cm
      Knee circumference: 5.5cm
      Ankle circumference: 4.5cm
      Neck to crotch: 9cm
      Neck to waist: 5cm
      Shoulder to wrist: 9cm
      Elbow to wrist: 4cm
      Wrist circumference: 3cm
      Hand width: 1.5cm-2cm (depends on fingers)
      Naval to knee: 8.5cm
      Knee to feet: 6cm
      Feet size: 3.7cm long

      Does anybody else have examples of what will fit these cuties?
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    2. Thanks for starting this thread!
      I have a different head on the tiny body, but I can attest to what fits. :D She wears my smaller yosd clothing, and even some barbie dresses well. She also fits Gene heel shoes:

      Tiny Owl Girl
      by Morgan McPherson, on Flickr
    3. @fairithilien when your Reglisse gets here you'll have to see what fits her!
    4. I've found some barbie dresses to fit...just not in the boob area...she's too small. There is another lg bust version though.
      Yo sized underwear seems to fit, and Yo outfits with skirts. Her torso is thinner and shorter than Yos though.
      I know RubyRed Galleria has measurements listed for their shoes...some fit perfectly. I have also found some antique porcelain doll shoes to fit. The hard part for me is pants. I have her wear bloomers most times.
    5. Thanks so much for making this thread! My Reglisse should be arriving really soon and I'll have to go about finding her some clothes for her. I have a ton of Barbie clothes and I'll update on which ones do and don't fit. :) Now that I can actually find somewhere with the measurements I might have to try to make her something before she arrives!
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    6. I don't think Rhythm is the same body, she looks very different in places.
      Maybe I'll try and measure her and see if she matches. She is actually 32cm tall
    7. I discovered Taeyang shoes fit mine.

      From Jpop

      "Rhubarb and Reglisse are 30cm,

      Takes 5.25, 5/6 and 6/7 wigs
      10mm eyes

      Foot 48mm long/24mm wide"
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    8. Oh whoops! I meant 10mm for the eyes, not sure why i put 8! I'm going to fix that.

      I also think the shoes my girl wears are taeyang, but I'll double check and post a photo when I'm not working. I double checked and I, too, bought taeyang shoes for my Rhubarb. Here is a photo:

      #8 PuddingMolester, Mar 23, 2016
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    9. Actually both work. One of mine came with 8, the other 10. If you look at my pics, I switched one into each girls head.
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    10. So far I've found Barbie clothes very easy to tailor to fit. Her butt is much bigger and her bust smaller than your standard barbie, but shortening the torso on dresses and taking in the seams around the bust seems to work well! I even managed to make some shorts fit her! But I am having a lot of trouble with shoes, I made a sloppy pair last night and definitely want to buy more. I've seen taeyang shoes fit but I have no idea where I can find them (Google is not helping). Any suggestions?
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    11. I bought taeyang shoes on Mimiwoo, which I believe is mimiwoo.com . All prices include shipping and it's not very expensive.
    12. Thanks!
    13. Thanks for starting this thread PuddingMolester! I thought I'd add to this with a what (sort of) fits post -

      Monstro Designs YOSD leggings - fit perfectly, though they end up being 3/4 pants on Rhubarbe.
      Barbie Fashion Doll range t-shirt - fits really nicely, though it does not do up completely at the back around her hips.
      Rabbit in the Moon Blythe jacket - too tight across shoulder blades (it pulls her shoulders back a little) and not enough room around the hips, but I think it looks cute anyway. It was also pretty tough to get her hands through the sleeves.
      CafeLait on Etsy YOSD/Moe line shoes - too wide and a tad too long. They fall off if I move her but would probably stay on better with socks. They're so cute, though, that I have to use them.


      I find shoes hard for this girl, so thanks to the suggestions above I'm now on the lookout for Taeyang shoes!
      #13 willoughby, Apr 17, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
    14. Thank you so much! I have been searching for Noble Doll Asella tiny measurements for AGES. <3
    15. I was late on the train here, but are these even for sale anymore?
    16. Jpop has been selling them. You might check with them.
    17. Unfortunately the accidental green batch through jpop dolls finally sold out. and from everything I've heard Asella left the hobby :( these cuties do show up on the secondhand market now and again, though you have to watch like a hawk and be moderately careful, because a couple of the sculpts were recasted.
      My friend was lucky enough to pick up one from the blue jpop dolls preorder for an amazing price because the owner wanted a quick sale, so anything is possible!
    18. asella quit? that is so sad. it makes my rhubarbe more precious to me though.
    19. They might just be on the down low, but their flickr hasnt updated since 2015, their DOA account is gone, and their blog has vanished off the face of the earth... Ive also heard by word of mouth that they quit a while back so... Hopefully they'll come back. I'd love to see more work from them in the future
    20. it's so hard for single artist companies to make a living. hopefully she is just taking a break and will try again one day. her dolls are gorgeous and very unique
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