Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. Radicelle is such a cutie, I had a light lilac Radicelle hand made by Asella herself, which was so adorable, but she got new home recently... Maybe later I´ll get another one.

      Here is pic of her, so you can compare to the white skin. Must say that I´m not a fan of paper white myself either; it is delicate and ethereal looking but difficult to capture in photos and white just doesn´t work for me. (I like to see other people´s photos though.)

      Too bad that the lamp light makes the colour so yellowish.

      And another pic of her. She is such a sad looking sweetie.
    2. Milly777 - she is beautiful! Can I also ask what wig size she took? The Jpop site says wig sizes 5.25, 5-6 and 6-7 wigs. That seems like a huge variation to me, and it's hard to know what would fit best!
    3. I've seen Radicelle, but not Rhubarbe. Does anyone have a pic of her? I'm curious... I like Radicelle's size, but I'm not that keen on her mouth... the porcelain versions seem much prettier.
    4. If I'm not wrong Asella never did porcelain versions of her dolls. All are from resin, but there are artist cast by Asella and factory casts by Jpopdolls.
      On Asella's Flickr you can find many pictures of Rhubarbe and her other dolls:

      I love Radicelle so much (those pointy ears... <3!), and also I love Reglisse with her super smile!
    5. Is Rhubarbe the same size as Radicelle? Thanks!
    6. Yes, Radicelle, Rhubarbe and Reglisse are all the same size.
    7. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think only the faceplates change and they all have the same body!
    8. Yes! You are right =)
    9. Where can i find shoes and clothing for these lovely ladies?
    10. You can use most of YO-SD sized clothes and shoes, and even some 1/6 fashion dolls' ones (my Rhubarb shares outfits and shoes with my LTF and my Teenie Gem). It's just a little difficult to find more mature looking outfits for this size.
      On the picture, the trousers are from a British officer 1/6 outfit ^^.

    11. I have one Rhubarbe, some Coolcat t-shirt fit! I think short sleeves/long t-shirts fits best, i have short tee long sleeve and fits ok but i had to struggle a bit for the hand part ^^
      Rhubarbe is a slim YoSD so you can put Blythe/Pullip dress on slim bust, mine is big bust :)
    12. Mine is small bust but the Eos outfit doesn't fit her at all (I haven't tried with other Pullip nor Blythe oufits), she has too round hips and breasts.
    13. Here is a quick picture of my Rhubarbe. You can see few more in my flickr but they are nsfw!

      Hallamarja by Kaede_, on Flickr
    14. I'm excited to join the discussion thread - I'm trading one of my dolls for a Nobledolls tiny hybrid! My doll will be a Soom Appini/Nobledolls body in WS and I'll be hanging out in here with you looking for the right size clothes and shoes for her :)

      I am thinking of calling her Dahlia.
    15. oh, blythe and pullip clothes on small bust! That was interesting to know!
    16. Just a picture of Lettuce, mi Radicelle fairy. I can't wait to see all the jpop Radicelle's arrivals =)

      Lettu por customlovers, en Flickr
    17. I have ordered lavender Radicelle too. I think she will go well with my pink Rhubarbe.

      Ruby by NimrodMasquerade, on Flickr